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Academic Support Infrastructure

Academic Advising

Academic units house advisors in their Schools, and University College serves as a "gateway" for students in their first semesters until they declare a major. Once students have declared a major, they are assigned to the staff advisor in the appropriate school and then transition out to specific faculty advisors in the degree. The goal is for students to be assigned to faculty as soon as possible. Staff advisors serve an important supporting role for students by ensuring that student needs are met when faculty are not available. In essence, nearly all students at IU East have access to 2 advisors.

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University College

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Institutional Effectiveness


The Office of Admissions is the gateway for the new incoming classes of freshmen and transfer students. Information about the effectiveness of this area is gathered from student feedback as well as the Student Satisfaction Inventory.

This office creates an annual Recruitment Plan with aggressive enrollment targets and action plans. New staff  have been added to meet increasing enrollment demands and the office relocated to a larger suite of offices in 2007. Two Assistant Directors for Admissions were added in recent years. A third staff position began in 2011 to focus on recruiting efforts in the expanding online market. New marketing materials, participation in College Go Week, the College Fair and other activities has helped support the success of this until.

Alumni Association

In recent years, the IU East Alumni Association has had much more visibility on campus through their sponsorship of campus events. This office is supporting current students through various networking opportunities with community leaders, etiquette dinners and other events. Students can also participate in “Students Today Alumni Tomorrow”, a club which builds bonds between current students and alumni through planning new campus traditions such as Homecoming and the Nearly Naked Mile.


Indiana University has entered into a 10-year contract with Barnes and Noble (2011 is the fourth year of that agreement). This contract was modified recently to required lower prices for textbooks. New initiatives include a textbook rental program and availability of some e-texts; both of which reduce textbook costs significantly. The handover was seamless and the students did not recognize a change in function.

The IU East bookstore was remodeled in 2010 to make the entryway more inviting to customers. Since Ivy Tech has opened their own bookstore, the IU East location sells IU East and Purdue apparel and accessories. The onset of the IUE Red Wolves led to specific marketing for this campus. The store now stocks a variety of clothing specifically for IU East which has helped reinforce the IU East/Red Wolf brand. The bookstore continues to maintain the Indiana University brand as well. The bookstore is audited to comply with the non-monetary terms of the contract.

Campus Police

IU reorganized the police departments so that there now is a Director of Public Safety to coordinate efforts on all campuses. The police chiefs report to this Director as well as to a campus supervisor. There is a focus on standardizing practices and training. An electronic crime reporting system is now used by all campuses. The police officers are part of the Emergency Management Team.

The campus police cars now have computers with access to the National Crime Database. The campus added a Segway in 2009 to enhance the patrol efforts. A public address system was installed recently to provide alerts; there are speakers in all buildings as well as outside. At the Connersville and New Castle locations there is now more security and upgraded equipment. We have updated our agreement with Ivy Tech so that we provide appropriate levels of coverage for this campus as well.

Upcoming initiatives include an assessment of door locks, particularly as to whether classroom doors need to be locked from the inside in case of a campus emergency. There will be an evaluation of whether surveillance cameras should be installed in parking lots and all exterior doors.

Center for Health Promotion

The Center for Health Promotion relocated from a suite of offices in Springwood Hall to the lower floor of Hayes Hall in 2008. The center is open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday through Thursday and is open on Fridays by appointment. Some of the services provided include wellness education and programming, immunizations, individual health assessments, and STD testing (in conjunction with the Wayne County Health Department), free condom distribution, and a breast-feeding room. The Center also serves as a clinical site for nursing students.

Counseling services are provided to students through a part-time professional counselor. Confidential appointments are scheduled through the Center for Health Promotion; the first four appointments are provided at no cost; additional sessions are subject to a sliding fee scale.

Center for Teaching and Learning

This office has a key role in providing on-going support to faculty in enhancing the teaching and learning environment. Recent initiatives have provided select faculty with technology including webcams (in 2008) and Flip Video cameras (in 2009). A pilot program began in 2010 to support the online teaching environment. This Course Assistant Program provides training through the Center for Teaching and Learning for individuals to provide support for faculty teaching large online courses.

The Den

Established in Fall 2010, the Den is the new dining facility on campus. The initiative resulted from requests from parents who began inquiring about a meal plan for their students, as well as from the Dean of Students who identified students, particularly the athletes, who were not adequately budgeting their financial aid money. A perceived student need and image change for IU East, food service is a typical expectation on a campus. A student focus group was assembled to provide input on the type of food that should be available, cost, incentives for a meal plan, etc. The campus ID card (Wolf Card) can be used as a debit card for payment. The Den has resulted in the creation of 2 auxiliary units—IU East Food Services and IU East Card Services.

Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships

The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships assists undergraduate and graduate students with all manner of financial aid needs including personal financial planning. Improved services, guided by a Noel-Levitz consultant, along with a new campus location and additional staff have resulted in more efficient processes and a focus on customer service. Staff from this office participate in New Student Orientation by leading a session on financial aid for new students and a question-and-answer session for parents.

The Graf Center

In 2008, the Graf Center began a major renovation with the installation of new furniture to create a more inviting atmosphere and the addition of Bear Creek Coffee to provide drinks and snacks. The utilization of the Graf Center increased significantly at this point. Continuing improvements include the installation of a flat screen television, Xbox, XM radio, an internet café and the offering of Wednesday movies.

The Graf Fitness Center is now free for IU East students through the installation of the Wolf Card ID system. The center has a variety of new equipment and an instructional video is available to assist students with the proper use of this equipment.

Information Technology

The Office of Information Technology ensures that faculty, staff and students have the computer access and equipment necessary to promote student learning and effective services at all levels of the campus. This area is assessed on a regular basis through an all-campus survey and changes are made in response to this feedback.

Physical Plant

In the last few years, the campus of IU East has undergone a transformation—examples include the creation of a campus organic garden, the planting of more than 100 trees in the quad and the remodeling of the patio of Whitewater Hall. Improvement efforts that are not so apparent to the public include the implementation of a new maintenance management system to more effectively track work orders, upgraded grounds crew and new custodial equipment. IU East is increasing its efforts with regard to storm water management, work place safety and environmental concerns. Upcoming initiatives will include the replacement of a chiller, the purchase of new furniture for the Whitewater lobby and the purchase of new outdoor furniture.


The Office of Retention Programs exists to enhance student success and guide new students through their initial college courses towards completion of a bachelor’s degree.  As suggested by Noel Levitz, national consultant firm on enrollment, we have implemented seven strategies to improve and enhance student persistence toward a bachelor’s degree.  Some of those strategies include mandatory attendance at orientation and first year seminar courses. Assessment of these plans is ongoing. Results of our current retention action plans are accessible via the links below.

Student Accounts

All IU East students interact with the Office of Student Accounts for the payment of tuition and fees. Therefore, this office is in a key position to set a tone for interactions with students. Beginning in 2011, this office began a new approach to customer service, providing friendly, effective communications with students. This has resulted in a significant reduction in student complaints.