Current SI Leaders 

Daniel Arthur, English W131

Daniel Arthur W131

“My name is Daniel Arthur. I’m a sophomore English major at IU East. When I’m not at school, I’m either out taking pictures or playing a variety of musical instruments.”


Sara Baxter, English W131

Sara Baxter W270

"I am a graduate student studying English. This is my fourth semester as an SI leader. People are always surprised when I tell them I am a 36-year-old returning student, but I have this theory that one day, when I'm 50, it will catch up to me and I'll suddenly look like a little old woman."


Lindsey Berhorst, Biology L101

Lindsey Berhorst L101

“I am 26 years old, and a mom of two! My husband and I just moved here last August from St. Louis. I am studying life sciences. I love DIY projects and Pinterest! I think it’s because it shows multiple ways to fix a problem.”


Salvador Campos, History H108

Salvador Campos H108

“Hello, my name is Salvador Campos. I am a sophomore majoring in Secondary Education. I also compete in cross country and track and field for IU East. Some interesting things about me are that I love to play guitar, video games, and really anything musical. One of the weirdest things I have ever done is eat grasshoppers, and with that being said, I would love to make more memories like that.”


Zach Catron, Psychology P103

Zach Catron

"My name is Zach Catron and I am a senior at IUE. I am currently the SI for Introduction to Psychology, and have been an SI leader since the spring semester of my freshman year. Once I graduate from IUE, I would like to go on to graduate school to study Neuroscience, obtain my Ph.D., and become a professor at any college (no preferences yet). Outside of school, I am an avid gamer and love to play golf."


Emily Clarke, English W131

“I am an Elementary Education major. I have worked as a paraprofessional in an elementary school for the last six years. I have a dog named Nora and several classroom pets. I sell at craft fairs and comics cons in my free time.”


Kenneth Cox, Biology L102 and Microbiology and Immunology J200

Kenny Cox L102 J200

“I am currently a sophomore pursuing Biochemistry and Pre-Med. I am a big science nerd and love applying my knowledge to real-world scenarios. I love playing Xbox and reading in my down time.”


Savannah Davis, College Algebra M123

Savannah Davis M123

“Hello! My name is Savannah Davis, and I am the SI leader for M123. I am a biochemistry graduate from IU East. I am currently working at IU East as an SI leader and Math and Science Center mentor while I wait to hear back from PA programs. Outside of school, I enjoy spending time with friends and family, and spending time outdoors!”


Lexi De Hart, Finite Math M118 and Intro to Stat Theory E270

Lexi De Hart

"Hi! My name is Lexi De Hart. I am a sophomore at IUE, and I am a Business Administration major. Most of my time that is not spent on school work or artwork is spent in the ceramics studio on campus. I love coffee and cats."


Karli Hall, English W131

Karli Hall W131

“I’m Karli Hall and I’m 19 years old. I am able to graduate from college a year early from high school credits. I have two dogs and one cat. My hobbies include reading, listening to music, and adventuring. I also work at the IU East bookstore and the Writing Center.”


Erin Hoodlebrink, Biology L102

Erin Hoodlebrink L102

“I have my bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry. I love watching YouTube, exploring, and reading. I studied a semester abroad in Australia. If you have a dog, I want pictures or I want to pet it. Your choice.”


Umer Khan, Organic Chemistry C342

Umer Khan

"My name is Umer Khan. I’m a senior Biochemistry major, and this is my third year here at IU East. With my degree, I plan on going to medical school to study Neurology. I’m originally from Pakistan, and came to the US when I was eight years old. Over the past year, I have been very actively involved in a wide range of campus organizations. I'm serving in officer positions for Pre-Professionals, Environmental, and Circle K Club, and I’m also in the honors program and a member of Student Government Association. I have been a tutor at Richmond High School for service learning and I also worked with Dr. Hitesh Rai Kathuria on his Drosophila research. Some of my favorite hobbies are reading, going to movies, making friends, editing pictures and videos, painting, and playing guitar. This is my first year as a Supplemental Instruction (SI) leader. I’m an SI leader for Organic Chemistry, which is one of my favorite subjects of all time."


Emilie Kindred, Biology L102

“Hi! I’m Emilie. I’m a Nursing major. I’m from Greenfield, Indiana. I have two dogs (Koda is a Newfoundland/poodle mix, and Talula is a mini Shihtzu), and one cat, Gizmo. He’s a gray long hair barn cat. I spend my free time with my pets, family, and boyfriend.”


Abby King, General Education Psychology P250

 Abby King

"I am a sophomore Elementary Education major. I have been a Sociology SI leader for three semesters. My favorite things to do are hang out with my family, play with my dog, drag race, and deer hunt."


Brittany Lampke, Sociology S100

“I am majoring in Sociology, and my career goal is to be an adoption specialist. I love animals, and I like to exercise. Something interesting about me is that I have an identical twin sister.”


Kathleen Langner, Psychology P103

Kathleen Langner

"My name is Kathleen Langner. I am a Psychology major. I am a senior this year. I work as a Supplemental Instruction (SI) leader for Psychology P103. After I graduate this fall, I plan to go on to graduate school and obtain my Ph.D in counseling. Outside of school, I am either walking or hiking with my family in tow."


Jessica Lemar, Math H111

 Jessica Lemar

"I am a dual major in Psychology and Social Work with a minor in Spanish. I plan on going to a faith-based graduate school after I graduate from IUE to become a psychologist or professor. Since I hope to be able to teach at some point later on, this experience as an SI leader has been awesome. Some of my hobbies aside from school are working out, spending time with my family, and loving on my dog!"


Carlee McCulloch, Finite Math M118

Carlee McCulloch M118

“Hello. My name is Carlee Breann McCulloch. I am 19 years old, and I am a junior this year at IU East. I am majoring in Fine Arts, and hope to own my own art studio after I graduate. Other than being an SI leader, I am a dental assistant and a server at Number Nine Grill part-time. In my free time I enjoy listening to music and doing anything outdoors.”


Luke Metzger, Physics P201

Luke Metzger P201

“I am a senior Biology major here at IU East. I enjoy my studies on campus, being a member of the Honors Program, and working for the SI program and in the Math and Science Resource Center. I was raised and still live on a farm in Ohio, where we raise corn, soybeans, and goats… and love every minute of it!”


Jeremy Proeschel, Math for Business B111

"Hello, my name is Jeremy Proeschel, and I am a junior here at IU East. I am currently on my third semester of being an SI leader, and I am currently the SI leader for B111. I am a Biology major with a minor in Environmental Studies, and my future goal is to be a wildlife biologist, conservationist, and wildlife photographer. I am from Liberty, Indiana, and my hobbies outside of school are hiking, fishing, camping, climbing, and hanging out with friends. I am also very involved with the Boy Scouts of America and became an Eagle Scout in 2014. "


Sydney Schumacher, American History H105

Sydney Schumacher H105

“My name is Sydney Schumacher. I am 22 years old, and I am a History major with a focus on the Ancient Medieval World. History has always been a passion of mine since I was very young. Some of my hobbies include reading, writing, watching movies, playing with my dog (Watson), and playing with my baby niece. Payton. I am also a huge nerd, so be warned…”


Amber Shaw, Pre-Calculus M125

“I am a Biology major who is aspiring to be a veterinarian. I love animals and have two dogs of my own. I already have a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Penn State. I was born in West Virginia, but grew up in Pennsylvania. I work as a server at Olive Garden.”


Abbie Sliger, English W131

Abbie Sliger W131

“I’m double majoring in Secondary English Education and English Literature. I’m starting my second year here at IU East. Aside from being an SI leader, I also work at the Writing Center and am involved with the Honors Program. When I’m not busy with school or work, I love spending time with my family and my dog.”


Wes Smith, English W270

Wes Smith

"I am a 15-year Army veteran who served in and after Desert Storm. I am the father of five and a grandfather. I love reading science fantasy, poetry, and historical non-fiction. I am working on my Master's degree in English, as well as my first chapbook of war poetry and a science fantasy novel."


Haley Stapleton, Basic Human Anatomy A215

Haley Stapleton

"Hi, I'm Haley. I'm the SI leader for A215 this semester. I'm from Eaton, Ohio, and I came to IUE in hopes of getting my BSN. I enjoy playing video games in the small amount of free time I have being a nursing student, and I'm a first generation college student. The most unusual thing I have done recently is assess all four of my dog's heart rates just because I recently purchased a new stethoscope. This is my second semester as an SI leader, and I have really enjoyed guiding students on the path to success!"


Erika Wesley, Spanish S100 and S150 online

Erika Wesley

Hi, I'm Erika! I graduated from IUE in December 2014. I majored in General Studies and minored in Spanish. I have been a SI leader for online Spanish S100 and S150 ever since. While I was in school, I went on class trips to Canada, Argentina, and the Dominican Republic. If you get an opportunity to travel, do it! I have been a vegetarian for about 12 years. In my free time I like to play with my cats, geek out over Harry Potter and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, practice amateur photography, and listen to all kinds of music (anything from the 50s, Bob Dylan, Matt & Kim, Nirvana, Screeching Weasel, The Misfits...).


Cassidy Whitehead, Chemistry C105

Cassidy Whitehead C105

“Hello! My name is Cassidy Whitehead, and I am a sophomore Biochemistry and Psychology double major. I attended Richmond High School right here in good ol’ Richmond, Indiana, though I am originally from Harlan, Kentucky, and spent most of my childhood in Bloomington. I am a major geek and proud of it, so if you want to get into full-length discussions about Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, or Rick and Morty, I’m your gal!”


Kennady Zimmers, Math for Nursing N111

Kennady Zimmers B111

“I am a junior studying Business with a focus in Marketing. I really enjoy math and all of its challenges. I hope to one day open my own business. I am from Liberty and have a three-legged Sheltie who is my whole world.”