Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program

The Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program offers free academic assistance to students enrolled in challenging entry-level courses.  Students who have previously taken the course, been recommended by a faculty member, and then trained serve as SI Leaders. SI Leaders attend all sessions with the students and then conduct three to five regularly scheduled study sessions each week.

Why SI?

As a student, how you decide to prioritize your time to include all of your daily events and responsibilities is essential. So why are we encouraging you to attend SI  in addition to all of your courses and other responsibilities?  Quite simply, because SI will help you become a better student!

What SI can do for YOU

  1. SI sessions are open to all students at no charge.
  2. SI can raise your grade by one letter grade or more.
  3. SI provides guaranteed study time with your peers and your SI Leader.
  4. SI helps motivate you by increasing your knowledge and confidence.
  5. SI sessions can help you learn course material in a fun way

Now take this challenge.  Attend at least three SI sessions and come back and tell us what you think. Talk to your professor, SI Leader, and other students. They will testify to what we and so many other successful students already know.