Becoming an SI Leader

Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader

Title Supplemental Instruction (SI) Leader
Reports to Director of Academic Support Programs
Department Academic Support Programs
Hours 10-15 per week (mornings, afternoons, and/or evenings)


Attend class lectures, take notes, and read all assigned material for selected courses. Conduct three to five out-of-class sessions per week and/or provide office hours. Develop session handouts, practice quizzes, and practice exams as deemed necessary. Collect student data as required.

Duties & Responsibilities

  1. Attend all required training sessions/workshops prior to beginning semester assignment.
  2. Inform the students in the course of the purpose and benefits of Supplemental Instruction (SI) assistance; administer an interest survey.
  3. Using student surveys, determine out-of-class time sessions. Distribute schedules to all students in the course and invite students to attend sessions.
  4. Attend all class lectures for the designated course, take notes during the lectures, and read all assigned material.
  5. Prepare a lesson plan for each Supplemental Instruction (SI) session.
  6. Prepare session handouts, practice quizzes, and practice exams as deemed necessary.
  7. Conduct three to five study sessions per week and/or provide office hours as scheduled. Provide extended sessions and/or additional sessions prior to scheduled exams.
  8. Collect attendance data for every session, including names, course title, date, and time.
  9. Meet weekly with course instructor to discuss student/faculty concerns, course objectives, and effectiveness of the student-to-student assistance program.
  10. Participate in periodic meetings and training sessions with supervisors, other undergraduate assistants, and faculty mentors during the semester; participate in debriefing sessions after observations by supervisors.
  11. Administer end-of-semester evaluations to all students in course.
  12. Assist supervisors in preparing end-of-semester reports and other reports as requested.
  13. Perform other related duties incidental to the work described herein.

Required Qualifications

High school diploma required; currently enrolled at IU East; college GPA of 3.0 or above; recommendation by college professor; excellent oral and written communication skills and leadership skills.