Transferring your Credits

IU East has several degree-to-degree articulation agreements with Community College Partners as well as course-to-course articulations.

  • Ivy Tech
  • Sinclair Community College
  • Miami University- Middletown and Hamilton campuses

Transfer Credit Policy

  • The acceptance of transfer credit is determined by the educational quality and accreditation of the institution from which the student is transferring and the applicability of credit earned to degree programs offered at Indiana University East to include nature, content and level of credit.
  • AP (Advanced Placement), CLEP and DSST Exams are also considered for transfer credit upon receipt of “official” transcripts and qualifying test scores.
  • Military credit is also considered upon receipt of an “official” DD214, NGB22 and/or AARTS/SMART transcripts.
  • Only courses with a grade of C or better are considered for awarding of transfer credit. If courses are not considered transferrable for reasons other than grade, or if the student feels that the equivalent course awarded is not the desired equivalency, that student may appeal the decision by contacting the Transfer Coordinator.
  • The student may request that a faculty member review a course description or syllabus to determine whether or not the course in question is transferrable or can be changed per the student’s request. This is the “final” approving authority.
  • After a transfer credit evaluation is complete the student’s credits are added to the IU transcripts only. No grades or grade values for transfer credit will be added to the IU transcripts.
  • Individual schools and departments at IU determine how transferred credits will apply toward your degree requirements. All credits will be converted to semester hours.
  • Courses for which IU does not have an equivalent offering can sometimes be transferred as undistributed (UNDI) or elective credits. The decision as to how these credits will fit into your degree program will be made by the school or division in which you will pursue your degree.
  • No more than 64 semester credit hours earned from a 2-year community college may be applied to any Indiana University baccalaureate degree system-wide.

Indiana Core Transfer Library

The Indiana Commission for Higher Education established the Core Transfer Library (CTL) to assist Indiana students who are contemplating transferring from one Indiana public institution to another. It is a list of general education courses and their equivalents at each institution.

Click here to view the current list of approved courses and to see new courses as they are approved and added to the list.

Students who plan to transfer credit should always work with academic advisors at both institutions to determine the applicability of credit to a specific degree program.

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