Each member of Area 9 Agency's committed staff plays an important role in the successful operation of all the agency's programs. Working as a team, each individual's responsibilities and contributions are directly related to our overall mission of independence and assistance. In addition to the in-house staff listed below, there are also hundreds of people working in the community as meal site staff and volunteers.


*Staff members with e-mail addresses are underlined. Simply click on the underlined name to send an e-mail message to that person.

Beth Evans - Acting Director, Ext. 229

Meals Program:
Beth Evans - Meals Program Director, Ext. 229
Robyn Coblentz - Meals Program Assistant, Ext. 235

Fiscal Department:
Amanda Bellew - Billing, Ext. 224

Information & Assistance:
Micole Leverette - Information Assistant, Ext. 222
Billie Johnson - Office Assistant, Ext. 221

Case Management/In-Home Services:
Kim Moore - Acting ADRC Director/Medicaid Waiver Coordinator, Ext. 240
Teresa Affolder - Care Manager, Ext. 226

Ashley Orr - Care Manager, Ext. 232

Deb Walters - Care Manager, Ext. 251
Tricia Luebbe - Care Manager, Ext. 238

Brittney Davis - Care Manager, Ext. 231
Jerry Lambert - Care Manager, Ext. 250
Debbie Burkhardt - Care Manager, Connersville Office
Mary Kay Thornburg - Care Manager, Connersville Office
Robin Harris - Care Manager, Connersville Office
Suzanne Ritchie - Care Manager, Connersville Office


Aging and Disability Resource Center:

Robin Noonan - Options Counselor, Ext. 223

Lindsey Krofta - Options Counselor, Ext. 239
David Free - Options Counselor/Resource Coordinator, Ext. 244
Sarah Burroughs - Options Counselor, Connersville Office

C.A.R.E. Caregivers Support Program:
Rhonda Scott, Caregivers Training Coordinator, Ext. 246

Caring Community Volunteer Program:
Terri Hamm - Community Program Specialist, Ext. 252

Pre-Admission Screening (PAS):
Lori Joseph - PAS Assessor, Ext. 237
Janet Malone - PAS Assessor, Connersville Office

Robyn Coblentz - PAS Assistant, Ext. 235


Support Staff:
Judy Ford - Administrative Specialist, Ext. 225
Jan Johnson - Office Assistant, Connersville Office

Paul Register - Ombudsman, Ext. 236