Caregivers Assistance, Respite and Education

The Area 9 Agency Caregiver Program provides assistance, respite and education to persons providing care for an elderly family member.  Through the Caregiver Program, individual counseling and training is provided to assist the caregiver in making decisions and problem solve relating to their caregiving role.

Basic services for family caregivers:

  • Access Assistance - Assists caregivers in obtaining access to the services and resources that are available within their communities.  Resources available include:  education material, door alarms, blood pressure monitors, cabinet locks, and more.
  • Information for Caregivers - Provides the public and individuals with information on resources and services available to individuals within their communities.  Information can be obtained by contacting our office, through the Area 9 quarterly newsletter, Inside Area 9, and our web and Facebook pages.
  • Counseling - Provided to caregivers to assist them in making decisions and solving problems relating to their caregiver roles.  This includes counseling to individuals, support groups, and caregiver training for individual caregivers and families.
  • Supplemental Services - Available on a limited basis to compliment the care provided by caregivers.  Examples of supplemental services include, but are not limited to, home modifications, assistance technologies, emergency response systems, and incontinence supplies, as funding allows.
  • Support Groups (under construction) - Caregiver support groups are currently being restructured.  For additional details and a list of available groups, contact our office.
  • Caregiver Retreat - An annual event organized each November to provide the caregiver with a day's outing that offers pampering and activities along with valuable information.
  • Caregiver Relaxation Room - Do you need some pampering?  The Relaxation Room is designed to be a quiet, relaxing place for caregivers to help relieve stress from their daily life.  Unwind in a spa-like atmosphere while enjoying a massage chair, paraffin handwax, hand massage, music, and mood lighting.  Call our office for an appointment.
  • Facebook - Visit the Area 9 Caregiver Facebook page for information and updates for caregivers.

Older Adult's and Caregiver's Suggestions

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