Caregivers Assistance, Respite and Education

The Area 9 Agency Caregiver Assistance, Respite and Education (C.A.R.E.) provides assistance, respite and education to persons providing care for an elderly family member. Through the C.A.R.E. program individual counseling and caregiver training is provided to caregivers to assist them in making decisions and solving problems relating to their care giving roles.

There are five basic services for family caregivers:

  • Information to caregivers about available services;
  • Assistance to caregivers in gaining access to supportive services;
  • Individual counseling, organization of support groups, and caregiver training to caregivers to assist them in making decisions and solving problems relating to their care giving roles;
  • Respite care to enable caregivers to be temporarily relieved from their duties;
  • Supplement services, on a limited basis, to complement the care provided by caregivers.

Below is a list of some of the projects that the C.A.R.E. program is involved in:

  • Powerful Tools For Caregivers Support Group -  meets the first Thursday of every month at 1:30 pm at Area 9 in Richmond.
  • Adult Children with Aging Parents Support Group — A support group for adult children to assist them with challenges they might encounter with aging parents; meets the first Thursday of every month at 5:00 pm at Area 9 in Richmond.
  • Kinship Care — A support group for grandparents or other relatives who are raising a second family; meets the second Wednesday of every month at 5:00 pm at the Phyllis Howard Community Center in Liberty. Childcare is available but please call ahead.
  • Grandparents Raising Grandchildren (Richmond) - meets the Second Tuesday of every month at 6:00 pm at Area 9 in Richmond.
  • Making the Connection  - Making the Connection is a way for the caregiver program to work directly with local business such as physician offices and pharmacies. We provide the business with education on the programs we offer so that they can make referrals to the caregiver program. In each office we have a display that holds informational pamphlets on the Caring Connection.
  • Caregiver Corner  - We are creating a Caregiver Corner in all 5 counties that Area 9 serves ( Wayne, Rush, Union, Fayette, Franklin) The caregiver corner will have a computer that will accommodate almost all beginners and tech savvy caregivers. The computer will have a touch screen feature if you do not want to use a keyboard. It also comes with a large print keyboard that is made for the vision impaired and extra speakers for the hearing impaired. The computer will be equipped with helpful links, videos, ways to connect with your family long distance and much more. The corner also features a copier/scanner to meet your care giving needs such as copying medical bills, prescriptions or family photos.
  • Relaxation/Respite through aromatherapy and massage  - Our Caregiver Coordinator will have office hours at each location to conduct trainings and to provide you with some well-deserved relaxation with our back massagers, hand massages and aromatherapy.
  • Learning Laboratory  - Want to see for yourself some of the equipment that may make your life easier as a caregiver? Come visit our learning laboratory at Area 9 Richmond. We have set up a mock apartment with products to provide you with education and knowledge about innovative technology that may make your job as a caregiver a little easier.

There is no fee to the family for services provided by the C.A.R.E. program

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