Home & Community Based Services

We have a variety of services available to individuals that can be provided in their home as an alternative to nursing home placement. Not all services are available under every program. Some programs restrict the amount of services through service related caps or caps on the total cost of the care plan. The first step is to contact us and ask to speak to an Area 9 Agency Options Counselor.

Our staff will guide you through the specific requirements of the program for which you are found to be eligible. Each in-home services client receives case management services from a certified Area 9 case manager. In addition to assessment of need, eligibility determination, and care plan development, your case manager will provide ongoing monitoring of your services and make changes as needed. Your case manager will visit you at least every 90 days. The case managers are available to you by phone and are an excellent source of information and assistance for any questions you have.

Eligibility for subsidized services is based on two criteria*:

  • The individual has the necessary level of functional impairment as determined by the case manager’s assessment (usually two [2] or three [3] or more impairments in activities of daily living)
  • The individual has limited financial income and limited assets (depending on the funding sources):
    • CHOICE Program— no monthly income limit (but may have cost share), a $500,000 asset limitation and not eligible for medical assistance (Medicaid);
    • OPTIONS Program— monthly income below $2,130 for an individual and assets less than $1,500 (excluding home and car);
    • Private Pay Program— the individual or family pays the cost of services. No impairment level restriction; no income or asset restriction.

*This is a summary only and does not constitute all eligibility requirements.

The following is a brief description of services:

Adult Foster Care

Adult foster care is a living arrangement in which an individual lives in the private home of a principal caregiver who is unrelated to the individual.

Adult Day Services

Adult day services provide personal care, supervision, medical care, transportation to and from the adult day services facility, and social, health, and recreational activities. Meals and snacks are also provided as appropriate.

Adaptive Aids

Adaptive aids include communication aids and devices, and adaptive aids such as specially adapted locks, meal preparation and dining aids and devices, etc. Two special adaptive aids are especially useful and considered services on their own:

  • Personal Emergency Response System — A personal emergency response system provides the security and comfort of knowing that help is available at the push of the button.
  • Medication Dispenser — Automated medication dispensers release medications as needed and offer a verbal reminder that it is time to take them.

Assisted Living

A program within a prescribed physical structure, which provides or coordinates a range of supportive personal and health services, available on a 24 hours basis, for support of resident independence in a residential setting. Assisted living promotes and supports resident self-direction in decisions that emphasize choice, dignity, privacy, individuality and independence in home-like surroundings.

Home Health Services

Home health services include all health monitoring activities performed in the home, such as: supervision of medication (including setup of meds), dressing changes, therapies, foot care or bathing assistance.


Homemaker services offer direct and practical assistance with household tasks and related activities that cannot be performed by the individual or any informal support in the home. The goal of homemaker services is to ensure a clean, safe, healthy home environment. Allowable activities include: dusting furniture, cleaning floors, maintaining a clean kitchen, maintaining a clean bathroom, laundry, changing linen and making beds, removing trash or shopping.

Home Repair and Maintenance

Handy chore or home maintenance services are planned and monitored maintenance and repair activities essential to health and safety. Allowable activities may include: heavy cleaning, installation/removal of window air conditioners or installation/removal of storm windows.

Meals on Wheels

Delivery of a hot, noon meal daily, Monday through Friday, helps to ensure good
nutrition and provides a friendly contact with the driver. Alternative meals may be arranged for evening and weekend dining or as a second daily meal.

Home Modifications

Modifications to your home are possible. The objective is always the safety of entering or leaving the home and safety in specific activities, such as bathing and toileting. Possible projects include ramps, door widening and bathroom modifications (e.g. a rollin shower).

Other Services

Other services are available but are limited