Private Pay Services

When clients, families or friends are able to pay for the assistance needed by a loved one, the Area 9 Agency can offer services on a private pay basis. This means the responsible party pays full cost for the service which can be of great benefit to those who are financially able to pay for their assistance.

Since persons in the Private Pay Program are paying full cost, clients are able to access services immediately, bypassing a sometimes lengthy waiting list for help. Two types of service are available on a private pay basis:

  • Care Management—$46.00 per hour
  • Meals on Wheels—$6.50 per meal

Case managers will also arrange for private pay in-home services selected by the responsible party.

Billing for both private pay case management and private pay meals will be mailed to the responsible party by the 10th of the month. The responsible party can be the client, family member, friend, caregiver or other individual.