Respite Care

Respite care provides primary caregivers with temporary relief from the sometimes overwhelming responsibilities of full-time caregiving. The Area 9 Agency Caregiver Program provides emotional support and assistance to the caregivers of homebound persons of all ages by using volunteers who want to assist others in need. With a genuine concern for older adults and disabled people of all ages, these men, women and young adults share their time and talents with people needing companionship. Trained volunteers can provide non-medical support to homebound individuals and caregivers.

There is no fee to the family for services provided by the Area 9 Agency Caring Community volunteers. Services provided are:

Friendly visiting, companionship

  • Letter writing
  • Reading to the person
  • Playing table games
  • Helping with arts and crafts
  • Enjoying music together

Why respite is important:

- Family caregivers are a valuable resource.

- Respite is cost effective.

- Respite can postpone out-of-home placement.

- Studies show that respite helps decrease abuse and neglect.


Overall benefits of respite:

- Improves family caregiver physical and emotional health

- Improves overall family well-being and stability

- Improves marriages, sibling and other family relationships

- Reduces hospital costs and helps avoid or delay more costly foster care, nursing home or other out-of-home placements

- Gives care recipeints a break, too!


Other respite services available include:

  • - In-home respite (personal care, homemaker).  Service is offered for Area 9 case management clients with qualified funding.
  • - Respite provided by attendance of care recipient at a senior center or other non-residential programs.
  • - Institutional respite provided by placing the care receiver in an institutional setting, such as an extended care facility, for a short period of time as a respite service for the caregiver.
  • - Adult Day Care service

If you would like to become an Area 9 Respite Volunteer, please contact our office at 966-1795 or 1-800-458-9345.