BOLD Aspirations

FIVE years ago we conceived a bold plan for IU East:
A plan that would see us transformed into the region’s leader in baccalaureate and graduate education. And indeed, over that period, this campus has realized remarkable gains, exemplified by these indicators of success:

  • Record enrollment
  • Innovative partnerships with Ivy Tech
  • New baccalaureate and master’s programs
  • Medical education collaboration
  • The rise of Red Wolves Athletics


To provide the highest quality education and enrichment for the students so vital to our region, Indiana University East has begun planning for a $4.7 million Student Events Center, a multi-purpose expansion of Springwood Hall.


Record enrollment: IU East has grown by a remarkable 65 percent in the last five years, with enrollment now around 4,000 students. This fall brings yet another record freshman class, with over 90 percent of these students entering the campus as teenagers.

IU East Howl Crowd

The addition of a Student Events Center is a ‘game-changer’ for our campus. It will culminate all that we have achieved thus far, and set the stage for new achievements in the future.


In 2012, Indiana University East conferred 445 bachelor’s degrees, an all-time high, compared to 156 in 2005. With their degrees, these IU East graduates will contribute their talents to forge our common prosperity in eastern Indiana, western Ohio, and beyond.


The future of our region rests in our greatest asset: our people. We need citizens who are talented, well-educated, and equipped with the tools to help build prosperity in today’s information- and knowledge-based economy.

These strides represent growing momentum and opportunity. But to retain and graduate the students we are now attracting—those who will enhance our communities with their knowledge and talent—we must provide a well-rounded higher education experience. We must deliver exceptional quality not only in academic offerings, but also in student and campus life.

The new Student Events Center at IU East is critical to our efforts to serve our students and the region. This new facility will stand as a visible testament to the university’s new mission. It will promote student success through a comprehensive offering of co-curricular opportunities. And it will nurture the kind of dynamic learning community that both supports the citizens of today and fuels the progress of tomorrow.

The greatest contribution IU East can and does make to this region is in our graduates, 86 percent of whom remain in local communities to live and work.

Angie Dickman, Campaign Co-Chair; Chair, IU East Board of Advisors; Vice President, Reid Hospital & Health Care Services

The increasing enrollment at IU East has been very well-received in our region, given how important the campus is to the economic development of the area. The new Student Events Center will further cultivate an active, vibrant student life program, making IU East a true destination campus for students.

Angie Dickman, Campaign Co-Chair;
Chair, IU East Board of Advisors;
Vice President, Reid Hospital & Health Care Services


The rise of Red Wolves Athletics: Now with 10 intercollegiate sports, the Red Wolves boast the largest athletics program of all regional campuses in Indiana. A growing source of campus and community pride, IU East athletic programs and student-athletes have gained national prominence, both academically and athletically.

If you’re a sports fan, you know that there is often a singular moment in the course of a competition where the momentum of the contest decisively shifts: a shot falls; a goal is scored; a surge is mounted. You and I are privileged to be witnessing just such a moment in the history of Indiana University East.

Devon Niehoff, Alumnus, BS’12; Former President, Student Government Association; Former player, Red Wolves Men’s Basketball

From an athletics perspective, the Student Events Center will be huge in terms of expanding our fan base. It will help us continue the traditions we’ve already started and enable us to create even more. I can’t wait to come back after I graduate and sit in a packed gym, supporting a championship-caliber team.

Devon Niehoff, Alumnus, BS’12;
Former President, Student Government Association;
Former player, Red Wolves Men’s Basketball

Concept Drawings

The proposed Student Events Center will enhance both academic and student life on the shared campus of IU East and Ivy Tech. The Center will serve thousands of students through programming in health and wellness, physical education, athletics, and student events.

The Center will serve as a hub of student engagement, a vital heartbeat for our campus. It will improve student recruitment—increasing the number of students who pursue degrees locally instead of leaving the region—and bolster student retention, creating the opportunities for campus engagement that have consistently been linked to increased student success.

The Student Events Center will also be used year-round for a variety of traditional and new events, including community events. It will enrich the student experience with a wide range of academic, student life, and cultural programs, including:

  • Major student events (such as the annual Scholarship Luncheon)
  • Student life activities, including concerts, comedians, dances, and student organization fairs
  • Health, physical education, and recreation programs and courses
  • Intercollegiate athletics
  • Formal ceremonies (such as Honors Convocation)
  • Intramural activities
  • Student internship and career fairs
  • Speakers series for students, alumni, and the community
  • New student orientations and faculty and staff convocations

Simply put: The new Student Events Center will have a transformative impact on our ability to attract, retain, and graduate the high-quality students who will, in turn, shape and lead our region.

Ways to Give

The addition of a Student Events Center is a “game-changer” for our campus. It will culminate all that we have achieved thus far, and set the stage for new achievements in the future. I hope you will share in these bold aspirations by lending your support to the creation of the Student Events Center at IU East.

Through savings and efficiencies created from the campus’ mission change and re-structuring, IU East has committed $3 million to the project. Today, we seek $1.7 million to complete this important initiative for our campus and community and to advance IU East’s bold aspirations.

To continue preparing the kinds of graduates who can help build prosperity in this region, however, we cannot rest on past successes. We must boldly plan for the future. Your contribution to the new Student Events Center will provide additional opportunities for students to gain the life and leadership skills that will advance our communities for generations to come.

Join us in embracing these bold aspirations. Lend your support to the Student Events Center today.

There are many ways to make your gift to IU East, including:

  • Cash. Most donors choose cash and cash equivalents, whether as annual gifts, a one-time gift or pledged over a three- or five-year period.
  • Securities. Gifts of appreciated securities, such as stocks, bonds and mutual fund shares, provide a double benefit. Donors receive a charitable deduction, in most cases, for the full fair-market value of the asset on the day of receipt and avoid any potential capital-gains tax.
  • IRA Charitable Rollover. Donors over the age of 70 ½ are eligible to make a tax-free transfer of up to $100,000 from their qualified retirement accounts to the Indiana University Foundation for the benefit of IU East.
  • Charitable Gift Annuities (CGA). CGAs provide up to two annuitants with guaranteed income for life, in exchange for an irrevocable gift of cash or securities. Rates for CGA payouts are determined by the annuitant’s age at the time the gift is made and are guaranteed for life. IU Foundation CGAs are not available in all states.
  • Bequests. You can make your gift through your will or estate plan. If you do, please let us know your intentions. We want to be able to honor your gift and to ensure it will be used exactly as you intend.
  • Gifts of Retirement-Plan Benefits. Using retirement-plan benefits may be a very tax-savvy way to make a significant gift that will support IU East. Retirement-plan benefits include assets held in individual retirement accounts (IRAs) and assets held in accounts under 401(k) plans, profit-sharing plans, Keogh plans and 403(b) plans. Because of the estate and income tax treatment of retirement plan benefits, the cost of your gift to your estate and heirs is often relatively small.

It is possible to use one or a combination of these methods. It is recommended that professional tax or legal advice be obtained to assure the donor of the maximum tax benefits from such gifts.

To learn more about specific giving opportunities, contact:

Stephanie Hays-Mussoni
Director of Gift Development

Rob Zinkan
Vice Chancellor for External Affairs