Office of Student Accounts (Bursar)

Fees (2015-2016)

Technology Fee

1-5 hours


6-11 hours $126.36
12 and over $171.72

Late Transaction Fees

Late Payment Monthly Fee 1.5% of Balance
Late Program Change/Schedule Change $22.00
Late Registration - 1st Week $25.00
Late Registration - 2nd Week $50.00
Late Registration - 3rd Week $75.00
Late Registration - 4th Week & later $100.00
Late Registration Summer - 1st Week $25.00
Late Registration Summer - 2nd Week & later $50.00

Student Activity Fees

Per Credit Hour (not to exceed $63.72) $5.31

Administrative Fees

Admissions Application-Domestic Graduate $40.00
Admission Application-Undergrad International/Graduate International $60.00
Admission Application-Undergrad/US Citizen $35.00
Auditing/No Credit Regular per credit hour rate
Copyright Violation Processing Fee $50.00
Credit by Exam/Credentials/Experience Fee $21.50
Curriculum Verification Fee Social Work $30.00
Enrollment Deposit Social Work Grad $100.00
Independent Study Serices and Technology Fee $65.00
International Services Fee $90.00
Auditing, Senior Citizen 50% off
Returned Check/Web ACH Payment Service Charge The charge is the greater of $27.50 or 5% of the amount of the check, to a maximum charge of $250, as set forth by Indiana law.

Additional Fees

Parking Permit Student (regardless of credit hours) $30.92
Fee for Repair & Rehabilitation (not to exceed $60.96) $5.08
Orientation/New Student Enrollment Fee $50.00
Personal Deferment (per installment) $15.00
Replacement ID card $10.00
Stop Payment Repuest Fee $25.00
Student Success Fee (Freshmen, Sophomores & Juniors) per semster


Course-related Fees

Business Graduate Management Instrumentation Fee $150.00
Business Undergraduate Exam Fee (Bus J401) $50.00
Composition Assessment Fee $50.00
Distance Education Course Fee per credit hour $50.00
Education Student Teaching Fee $230.00
Education Early Experience $50.00
Education Practicum $100.00
Education Transition to Teach Elem/semester $1,045.00
Education Transition to Teach Sec/semester $1,045.00
E-textbook Fee Varies
Field Trip Experience Fee $410.00
Foreign Language Fluency Assessment Fee $50.00
Foreign Language Resource Fee $50.00
Humanities and Social Sciences Career Planning, COAS X208 $50.00
Hybrid Course Fee per credit hour $10.00
Laboratory Fee (per course) $50.00
Laboratory Fee, Purdue Statewide Tech $50.00
Music Performance Study/Applied Music non-major $225.00
Music Electronic Course Fee $102.50
Music Ensemble Fee $20.50
NCLEX Assessment Fee $125.00
Nursing Clinic Fee per contact hour $34.34
Nursing Clinic Fee per course GR $486.33
Online Book and Materials Fee HSS $110.00
Online Book and Materials Fee BUSE $170.00
Pre-service Teacher Training Fee $50.00
Program Fee Social Work: $2.46 per credit hour Max 15 hrs $36.90 Varies
Program Fee Nursing: 1-11 hrs $51.68 per credit hour Max 12 hrs ($620.16) Varies
Studio Fee Fine Arts $48.75
Studio Fee Speech $50.00
Telecommunications Course Fee $41.50

Transcripts & Diplomas

Duplicate Diploma-Standard $35.00
Official Transcript (per copy) $8.00
Official Transcript Expedited Delivery Service $5.00
Transcipt Financial/Duplicate Account Statement $5.00