School of Business & Economics

Courses in Business Administration


(including commercial law, international business, and operations management)

BUS-G 300 Intro. to Managerial Economics (3 cr)

Microeconomic analysis and its applications to business decision making. Includes topics of demand and consumer behavior, production and costs, theory of firms and public policy towards business. Focuses on the applied aspects of microeconomics. Credit given for only one: G300 or E321.

BUS-D 301 The International Business Environment (3 cr)

The national and international environmental aspects of international business. Examines the cultural, political, economic, systemic, legal-regulatory, trade, and financial environments and how they affect the international business activities of firms in the United States and in selected other countries.

BUS-J 401 Administrative Policy (3 cr)

Administration of business organizations: policy formulation, organization, methods, and executive control. This is a capstone course for the business program. You must take this course to graduate. The course consists of reports on cases concerning the history and politics of major corporations. You are required to take an exit examination covering the entire business program. Course open to seniors only. Offered fall and spring semesters.

BUS-J 404 Business and Society (3 cr)

Major ethical theories are examined in order to provide a basis for analyzing ethical behavior in the business environment. Issues such as economic competition, discriminatory practices, manipulation of power, environmental conservation, technology, stakeholders relations and organizational and societal cultures are investigated.

  • Offered spring semesters.

BUS-K 230 Spreadsheet Modeling and VBA (3 cr)

The course has two main focuses. First of all, students will be introduced to Excel spreadsheet modeling techniques. Secondly, the students will be introduced to VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) in Excel.

BUS-K 312 Decision Modeling (3 cr)

Students will learn how to develop and to solve different types of decision models that can aid in solving business and industry related problems in areas such as finance, marketing, and operations. Microsoft Excel will be used to develop the models. Topics that will be covered in the course include linear, integer, nonlinear, and network models, sensitivity analysis, project management, simulation, forecasting, and decision analysis.

BUS-L 203 Commercial Law I (3 cr)

Law of business organizations and their liabilities. For accounting majors and others intending to take L303 in order to attain a rather broad and detailed knowledge of commercial law. Credit not given for both L201 and L203.

  • Offered fall, spring and summer I semesters.

BUS-L 303 Commercial Law II (3 cr)

Law of ownership, forms of business organization, commercial paper, and secured transactions. For accounting majors and others desiring a rather broad and detailed knowledge of commercial law.

  • Offered spring semesters.
  • Prerequisite: BUS-L 203 (L201 may be accepted with permission of the department).

BUS-L 406 Employment Problems and the Law (3 cr)

Current legal problems in the area of employment. Topics include: race, sex discrimination; terminations in federal, state, and unionized jobs; impact of the U.S. Constitution and civil rights legislation.

BUS-P 301 Operations Management (3 cr)

Role of production in a business enterprise; basic types of production processes used in industry. Emphasis on application of economic principles and analytical techniques to decisions made by operations managers of any business. Supply, facility layout, and planning are also included.

BUS-P 480 Prof. Practice in Operations Mgmt. (3-6cr)

Provides work experience in cooperating firm or agency. Comprehensive written report required. Grades of A, S, or F assigned by faculty.

  • Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing with a concentration in operations management and decision technologies, as well as consent of department chairperson.

BUS-W 100 Business Administration: Intro. (3 cr)

Business administration from standpoint of manager of a business firm operating in the contemporary economic, political, social, and international environment. Course requires written report and/or computer projects. Recommended for first and second year students.

  • Offered every semester.

BUS-W 301 Mgmt. & Organization Theory (3 cr)

Historical development of management theory. Nature of organizations and the role of the manager within formal organizations. Introduction to the management processes and to current theories of management and organizations including open systems, sociotechnical system, and contingency approaches to an understanding of the management processes and practices. Exercises and group reports are also included.

  • Offered fall and spring semesters.
  • Prerequisite: BUS-Z 301.

BUS-W 311 New Venture Creation (3 cr)

Primarily for those interested in creating a new business venture. Emphasis on personal, rather than corporate goals and strategy, and problems on creation, rather than management of an enterprise. Each student develops an investment feasibility study for a new company. Offered fall and spring semesters.

BUS-W 408 Small Business Practicum (3 cr)

Application of theory, knowledge, and techniques learned in previous business courses in analyzing actual business problems and in offering recommendations for their solutions. Students are assigned to small businesses in the local or nearby communities.

  • Prerequisite: consent of instructor (requires internship and/or SIFE involvment)

BUS-W 430 Orgs. and Organizational Changes (3 cr.)

Analysis and development of organizational theories with emphasis on environmental dependencies, sociotechnical systems, structural design, and control of the performance of complex systems. Issues in organizational change, such as appropriateness of intervention strategies. Offered fall semesters.

BUS-W 480 Professional Practice in Mgmt. (3-6 cr)

Provides work experience in cooperating firm or agency. Comprehensive written report required. Grades of A, S, or F assigned by faculty.

  • Offered every semester.
  • Prerequisite: Junior or senior standing with a concentration in management and consent of department chairperson.

BUS-X 410 Business Career Planning & Placement (1 cr)

Assists you in obtaining positions consistent with career goals. Career planning, organized employment campaign, jobapplication methods, interviewing, and initial conduct on the job. Includes addresses by prominent business-persons and on-site dinner-etiquette session.

  • Offered fall and spring semesters.

BUS-X 487 Seminar in Bus. Administration (1-3 cr)

Instruction of an interdisciplinary nature for student groups involved in university-related nonprofit ventures. Interested groups must be sponsored by a Business Division faculty member and must obtain approval for the seminar from the Undergraduate Policy Committee. May be repeated up to a maximum of 6 credits.

BUS-Z 301 Org. Behavior & Leadership (3 cr.)

Nature of human behavior in organizations as a function of the individual, the groups within which one interacts, and the organizational setting. Emphasis on applications of behavioral science concepts and findings to individual behavior and organizational performance. Credit not given for both Z300 and Z301.

  • Offered spring and summer I semesters.
  • Prerequisite: BUS-W 100.

BUS-Z 440 Personnel - Human Resource Mgmt. (3 cr)

Nature of human resource development and utilization in American society and organizations; government programs and policies, labor force statistics, organizational personnel departments, personnel planning, forecasting, selection, training, and development. Integration of government and organizational human resource programs.

BUS-Z 441 Wage and Salary Administration (3 cr)

Survey of problems faced by modern managers of compensation systems. In-depth look at the role of company, government, union, and employee in the design and administration of total compensation systems. A description of the type of wage and salary systems currently in use, their advantages and disadvantages, and extent of current use.


BUS-M 300 Intro. to Marketing (3 cr)

Examination of the market economy and marketing institutions in the U.S. Decision making and planning from the manage’s point of view; impact of marketing actions from the consumer’s point of view.

  • Substitutes for BUS-W206
  • Prerequisite: BUS-W100, or ECON-E103 and Junior standing; or, Junior standing and consent of instructor.

BUS-M 301 Intro. to Marketing Management (3 cr)

Overview of marketing for all undergraduates. Market planning and decision-making examined from firm's and consumer's point of view; marketing concept and its company-wide implications; integration of marketing with other functions. Market structure and behavior and their relationship to marketing strategy. International component of Marketing examined. Offered fall, spring, and summer I semesters.

BUS-M 303 Marketing Research (3 cr)

Research methods and purposes examined in detail. Course includes a practical experience in research from formulation to presentation of issues.

BUS-M 325 Selling (3 cr)

The role of selling in the economy, in the organization, and in marketing management. Selling as a profession. The dynamics of salesperson-customer interaction. Skills, techniques, and strategies of selling.

  • Prerequisite: BUS-M 301 (or consent of instructor).

BUS-M 401 International Marketing (3 cr)

Covers world markets, their respective consumers, and their political/economic marketing environments. Examines the marketing issues required to meet the product, promotion, price, and distribution demands of a world market.

BUS-M 405 Consumer Behavior (3 cr)

Description and explanation of consumer behavior in retail markets. Topics include demographic socioeconomic, psychographic, attitudinal, and group influences on consumer decision making. Applications to promotion, product design, distribution, pricing, and segmentation strategies.

  • Prerequisite: BUS-M 301 or consent of instructor.

BUS-M 415 Advertising & Promotional Mgmt (3 cr)

Basic advertising and sales promotion concepts. The design, management, and integration of a firm's promotion strategy. Public policy aspects and the role of advertising in marketing communications in different cultures. Practical skills in public advertising included to provide implementation of theories.

  • Offered fall semester, alternate years.
  • Prerequisite: BUS-M 301 or consent of instructor.

BUS-M 419 Retail and Wholesale Management (3 cr)

Management in retail and wholesale institutions; parallel and comparative treatment given to basic management problems and techniques relevant to both institutions. Basic marketing variables; location and physical facilities, inventories, purchasing, pricing, and promotions. Offered spring semester, alternate years.

  • Prerequisite: BUS-M 301 (or consent of instructor).

BUS-M 450 Marketing Strategy (3 cr)

Ideally taken in your last semester. Focuses on marketing's role in gaining a sustainable competitive advantage. Topics include managing competitive interaction and marketing strategic planning. Emphasis on applications through the use of case studies and/or computer game simulation of competitive interaction. Offered fall semesters, alternate years.

BUS-M 480 Prof. Practice in Marketing (3-6 cr)

Supervised individual study and research in your special field of interest. You will propose the investigation desired and, in conjunction with the instructor, develop the scope of work to be completed. Written report required.

  • Offered every semester.
  • Prerequisite: Consent of dean and of the instructor.

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