Center for Entrepreneurship

The Center for Entrepreneurship provides students the opportunity to develop and enhance entrepreneurial skills regardless of their college major. A minor in entrepreneurship will complement any academic major teaching essential business creation skills such as developing and implementing a business plan and seeking start-up capital.   Entrepreneurship is a form of creativity that brings to life new ideas with resources and implementation plans. The minor is a  six course series that prepare students to create their own business.

An important element of the center is Students in Free Enterprise, SIFE. Thanks to the generosity of the Palladium-Item and Chase Bank, funding is available for SIFE students to compete at regional competitions that showcase their creative skills and business talents. See SIFE for more information.

The Center for Entrepreneurship also links students with local organizations including Belden CDT Inc., Economic Development Corporation of Wayne County, Chamber of Commerce, Dunn Mental Health Center, and GFI Covance, allowing students to gain professional experience before they graduate. Through internships, students not only develop skills and gain practical experience valuable to their future career, but they also provide a great resource to these local organizations.

Local business leaders and entrepreneurs frequently contribute to the success of the center by serving in advising and mentoring roles for students.

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