Students in Free Enterprise


Students in Free Enterprise is a global non-profit organization that establishes student teams on university campuses.  The IU East team is managed through the Entrepreneurship Center and develops community outreach projects that focus on the topics of Market Economics, Entrepreneurship, Personal Financial Success Skills, and Business Ethics.

SIFE team members leverage their personal educational experiences, the expertise of their faculty advisors, the support of their local business advisory boards and the resources of their institutions to implement programs that create real economic opportunities for their communities. 

An example of a SIFE project is the new TV series that has been developed to illustrate how individuals turn their dreams into a viable and productive business. Twenty-four episodes of "In Your Business" have already been completed, and plans to produce more shows are underway.

Thanks to the generosity of the Palladium-Item and Chase Bank, funding is available for IU East SIFE students to compete at regional competitions that showcase their creative skills and business talents.

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