School of Business & Economics

M.S. in Management Courses

BUEA-M550 Leadership and Motivation (3 cr)

The course provides effective leadership examination with the use of employee rewards for human motivation in a complex and diverse working environment. Topics will include emerging leadership concepts such as transformational and visionary leadership, leadership integrity and stewardship.

BUEA-M551 Organizational Learning and Change Management (3 cr)

This course will examine components of organizational change and organizational design for learning in addition to increasing the capability for assessing and creating knowledge.

BUEA-M552 Managerial Research (3 cr)

The course will involve the use of appropriate research methods for different types of management problems focused on needs and benefits. A literature search and review with critical evaluation of published managerial research reports and papers, analyzing and presenting qualitative and quantitative data, and writing the research report will be conducted.

BUEA-M553 Managerial Use of Financial Information (3 cr)

The course will allow the student to analyze information contained in company financial reports and other related financial market information with an emphasis on the uses of this information by manager for planning and control. Topics will include financial reporting, financial statement analysis, ratio analysis, risk and return, reading of financial pages and the use of financial markets and institutions.

BUEA-M554 Marketing Management (3 cr)

The course will consist of an integrated approach of the marketing management elements with an emphasis on practical application of marketing theories. The course focuses on providing ideas for approaching marketing decisions, providing a common language for decision-making, and opportunities to evaluate and respond to common marketing management problems.

BUEA-M555 Managerial Economics (3 cr)

Management operates within a web of economic forces. This course introduces managers to the wide range of economic theories and the phenomena that explain these forces including the theory of price and profit determination, the U.S. Federal Reserve System’s role, and the U.S. Federal Government’s impact on economic policies.

BUEA-M556 Managerial Application of Information (3 cr)

The course focuses on how managers can use technology and information systems for ethical decision-making and problem solving in a global economy. Topics will include integrating and using technology and information systems as a strategic resource for planning, continuous quality improvement, and communications.

BUEA-M557 Contemporary Managerial Ethical Issues (3 cr)

The course will analyze management cases as a perspective on contemporary and anticipated issues of corporate social responsibility. Additionally, ethical and moral questions are examined as well as analyzing which organizations are acting as open systems when interacting with local, national, and global communities.

BUEA-M558 Human Resource Management (3 cr)

The course will explore how decisions about human resources (HR) contribute to an organization’s overall effectiveness. Additionally, the course integrates HR activities with the organization’s strategic planning objectives. Students will study both traditional and contemporary HR issues from a practitioner’s perspective.

BUEA-M559 Global Leadership (3 cr)

This course provides a practical framework to understand and analyze differences in ethical and leadership issues as they arise in domestic and global business settings. The tools and their application by organizations and individuals are explored to demonstrate making effective decisions, solving problems, managing change, and adjusting strategy. Topics will include cultural comparisons of ethics, social responsibility and leadership, the crucial and distinctive functions of management versus leadership in ethics in an international setting, and the role of leadership in balancing firm profitability.

BUEA-M560 Strategic Management (3 cr)

The course will cover long-term managerial decisions and actions applied to the organization’s pursuit of a sustainable competitive advantage. Also, introduced are the concepts and processes underlying environmental scanning, strategy formulation, implementation, and control. Students will apply this knowledge in a case analysis that also addresses the roles of leadership and coordination in successful strategizing.

BUEA-M561 Management Project (3 cr)

In this capstone course, the manager will synthesize and integrate the conceptual and theoretical knowledge and understanding acquired in the curriculum by developing a management plan. The emphasis is on written analytic material that can be utilized for program assessment as well as individual student assessment.

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