School of Business & Economics

Master of Science in Management Admission Requirements

The IU East Master’s in Management is designed for individuals who performed well academically in a wide range of degrees at the undergraduate level. A degree in business is not required. We are looking for individuals with at least two years of employment in either a management position or position leading to management. Our admissions process balances academic performance (undergraduate GPA), fit with individual life and career goals as described in the application essays, and assessment of past performance and future potential to be provided in recommendations from key individuals.

Most cohorts begin every August. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis, however priority is given to applications received by June 1; applications from international students are required by March 1.
NOTE: Cohort 6 will begin January 2017.

Application packets will require:

  1. Application Fee (this will be paid online during the online application process)
  2. Resume (this will be submitted as an attachment to the online application)
  3. Official transcripts (to be mailed to the attention of Darla Lane --
  4. Three Recommendation Forms, one from a recent employer
    (e-mail notices with instructions will automatically be sent to those indicated in the online application once the application is submitted)
  5. Two Candidate Essays (to be emailed directly to Darla Lane --

ESSAY 1 Submit a short, 500-word essay in which you describe how this program fits with your personal and career goals.


ESSAY 2  Submit a short, 500-word essay in which you take a position on only one of the three issues here:

  • What are some of the challenges an individual business manager or executive has in establishing a value-based, ethical culture within an organization?
  • What are three critical characteristics of effective leadership, and why are these characteristics more important than others?
  • In what ways can a business balance profitability and being a productive community partner?


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