Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Campus Campaign? 

The 2017 Campus Campaign features eight funds that provide various possibilities for our students. Each fund has been sponsored by an academic school or the campus to raise awareness for these philanthropic opportunities. As an incentive, all gifts to these featured funds will be matched dollar for dollar by its sponsor – up to an aggregate contribution of $5,000 to each fund.

However, if you prefer to support another fund or campus project, please know all gifts to IU East are welcome.

We invite you to contribute to the Campus Campaign and support one of the many programs that help fulfill the promise to our students.

Why is the Campus Campaign so important? 

Gifts from faculty and staff provide funding for important initiatives and scholarships on the IU East campus, and are an endorsement of the university, announcing to alumni, friends, businesses, and community that IU East is worthy of support and that support starts with "us."

How will my gift be used?

It’s your choice! You can designate your gift to the university, department, program, scholarship, or other initiative that you like. You can also designate as many funds as you would like. You can find a complete list of accounts on our campus campaign website at

How do I make a gift?

Fill out the gift form or visit

What are my payment options?

Payroll deduction, online, check, or credit card. One-time payroll deductions cannot be processed. Please make one-time gifts by cash, check or credit card.

Tax Benefits

Your gift may provide you with specific tax savings. Indiana taxpayers receive a tax credit of 50% on gifts up to $200 if filing a single return and $400 on a joint return. For example, Sharon has an annual income of $40,000 and files an individual tax return and itemizes. Sharon gave $200 to IU East, and it only cost her $50. Here’s how it works:

Gift $200
Federal tax savings $50
Indiana tax credit $100
Net cost to Sharon $50

Whom do I contact with questions?

Please contact Alyssa Tegeler, Gift Development Associate, at 973-8464.