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Dropping & Adding Courses

The procedure for dropping or adding classes varies depending on when a student decides to drop or add a class. There are three schedule adjustment time periods for typical full semester classes:

  • Up to and including the first week of classes
  • Second week up to the “Auto W” deadline
  • After auto “W” period

Costs, procedures, and consequences vary among periods, so please read carefully below.

Through the first week of classes

Go to OneStart, then Student Self-Service registration and drop/add services are still available through 1st week of classes.

Students may make any/all class schedule changes via OneStart. During this timeframe, students may continue to register for classes, adjust their class schedule (i.e., drops, adds, section changes), or totally withdraw from all classes via OneStart. Students do not need any forms or signatures to drop or add courses during the first week of classes.

After the first week of classes (auto “W” period)

Registration ends at the end of the first week of classes. As such, students may not add courses to their class schedule or change sections. They may, however, continue to drop courses from their schedule via OneStart.

Electronic Drops (eDROP)

Students can “drop” any or all of their classes electronically, via OneStart through the end of the automatic “W” period.

Using eDrop

  1. Log into OneStart https://onestart.iu.edu.
  2. On the Services tab, click Student Self-Service in the sidebar, and under Services & Information, click eDrop/eAdd Classes.
  3. Click Drop Only.
  4. On the eDrop info page, go to the bottom and click the click here to access the system link.
    Select the course/s you would like to drop and click “Continue.”
  5. Review your eDrop request. If you selected the wrong course, click “Back” to return to the previous screen.
  6. Once you have carefully reviewed the conditions, Accept the conditions, and click the “Submit for Approval” button.
  7. A confirmation page will display. We highly recommend that you print this confirmation page for your records!
  8. If you would like to drop another class, click “Create another request.” Follow the above steps to drop another class.
  9. When you are finished, click “Close.”

Submitting an eDrop request is not a confirmation that the course has been dropped from your schedule. Once submitted, your eDrop request will be routed to the appropriate advisor, department chair, and/or dean for approval.

Once approved, your request will be processed and an email confirming that the Drop is official will be sent to your University email account. Until you receive an email which says the Drop has been approved and processed, or until you confirm via My eDocs that the status of your request is FINAL, you are still enrolled in the course. All rules and requirements still apply, and you should continue to attend the class.

After the automatic “W” period

OneStart > Student Self-Service > eDrop services are turned off.

To drop a course:

  1. Student picks up a DROP ONLY FORM from the Office of Student Records (WZ116) or School Dean’s office. These forms are also available at the Connersville & Danielson centers.
  2. Student fills out the form, signs it, and obtains signatures from his/her academic advisor, Bursar, and Financial Aid. Note: Students, dropping classes during this period, must obtain their instructor’s signature.
  3. The instructor assigns a grade of “W” or “F” and forwards the top white copy to the Dean for his/her signature (it is now a “grade sheet”). The instructor keeps the yellow copy for his/her records and gives the student the pink copy. [Student is finished at this point.]
  4. After the Dean signs the white copy, his/her office will forward it to Student Records for processing as a “final grade.”

Withdrawing from ALL courses

If students wish to drop ALL of their classes, they need to process a Total Withdrawal form, as well as separate Drop Only form for each of their classes.

Even Exchanges

Courses with the same number of credit hours and course-related fees can be evenly exchanged during any given refund period.

Financial Aid

Students who are receiving some form of financial aid must contact the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office after adjusting their class schedules.

Refunds and Charges

Any credits or charges resulting from a schedule adjustment will be reflected on your next account statement. Refunds of credit balances will be issued in the form of a check and mailed to the address on file with the Office of the Registrar. Direct deposit of refund checks is also available. Please contact the Office of the Bursar (Student Accounts) for more information.

Refund Schedule

Credit hour and directly related course fees are credited to your account upon proper withdrawal from and according to the following schedule (the right column shows the deadline):

Classes lasting one week or less
Refund Deadline
100% fee refund 1st Day of Class
50% fee refund 2nd Day of Class
Classes lasting 2 - 4 weeks
100% fee refund 2nd Day of Class
50% fee refund 4th Day of Class
Classes lasting 5 - 7 weeks
100% fee refund 1st Week of Class
50% fee refund 2nd Week of Class
Classes lasting 9 - 14 weeks
100% fee refund 1st Week of Class
75% fee refund 2nd Week of Class
50% fee refund 3rd Week of Class
25% fee refund 4th Week of Class

Refund Appeal Procedure

Students who have significant or unusual circumstances that require withdrawal from class after the refund period can appeal their refund calculation.

Should you wish to appeal, you must submit a letter to the Office of the Dean of Students describing the circumstances that prevented a timely withdrawal from class. Your appeal, along with any additional documentation, will be sent to the Tuition Refund Appeal Committee for consideration.

The Dean of Students will send a letter conveying the committee’s decision to the student. Please note that students must be withdrawn from a class before they can appeal for a refund.