IU East Catalog

Final Grade Policies

Viewing Final Grades

Indiana University East no longer mails grades at the end of each term/semester. Students who wish to view their grades online may do so through OneStart (www.onestart.iu.edu). Here are the steps:

  1. Once logged into OneStart.
  2. Click on the Go to Student Center link.
  3. Click the “My Academics & Grades” link under Academics.
  4. Either click the “View Grades” link under Term Information, or click the “View My Unofficial Transcript” link under Transcripts

FN and FNN Grading

In compliance with University Faculty Council Policy (FN Non-Attendance, March 1999), faculty members are required to differentiate students who fail a class because they stopped attending from those who failed the class on merit.


The failing grade of FN is given to those students who initially attended the class but, at some point during the term, stopped attending and that was the basis for their failure. The grade of FN will be treated on the transcript in the same manner as the grade of F. FN and FNN grades may affect a students future eligibility eligibility for financial aid.


If the student never attended the class, a grade of FNN is given. The grade of FNN will be treated on the transcript in the same manner as the grade of F.

“I” Grade Policy (Incomplete)

The grade of “I” (Incomplete) may be given to a student whose work in a course is satisfactory except that some terminal aspect of the course requirements has not been completed. The grade of “I” will only be given if the instructor has sufficient reason to believe that failure to complete the requirements of the course was beyond the student’s control and that it would be unjust to hold the student to the time limits normally fixed for completion of the required work.

By assigning an Incomplete, an instructor implicitly authorizes and requires the “I” grade to be automatically changed to an “F” at the end of the appropriate time period if that instructor does not otherwise act to remove or extend the “I”. Both the student and the instructor in whose course the student received the Incomplete will be notified of this change of grade. A student may not re-enroll in a course in which the grade of record is currently an Incomplete.

Generally, the time allowed for the removal of an Incomplete is one calendar year from the date of its recording. It may, however, be less, if specified by the instructor.

Pass/Fail Option

The option that permits students to designate courses to be taken for either a Pass (P) or Fail (F) grade is available to all undergraduate students for a maximum of two elective courses. The course selected for P/F must be an elective; it may not be used to satisfy requirements for institutional or degree programs. Students must file a P/F option request at the time of registration, and that status cannot be changed after the course has begun. Students should consult with the academic advisor and school dean prior to submitting the P/F option request. The school dean is responsible for determining the elective nature of the course and signing the request form. Once approved, the P/F option request form is forwarded to the Office of Student Records for processing.

Instructors will not be notified of those students registering for the P/F option. A final letter grade will be submitted by the instructor and any grade other than an F, FN, or FNN will be converted to S. A grade of S is not counted in computing grade point averages; however, a grade of F is included in that average.
Students taking courses on the IU East campus, but completing their degree program on another IU campus or on the Purdue University campus, should adhere to the P/F policy and transfer credit policy of that campus.

Auditing a Course

Courses may be taken on an official “audit” basis. No credit will be given for the course; the audited course will be indicated on the student’s transcript with a grade of NC. The student must discuss course work expectations with the instructor and it is up to the instructor to approve or not approve the student’s request to audit the course.

Applying for an Audit

New students must apply for admission to the University by submitting the application for admission and application fee. High school and college transcripts are required if the student intends to pursue a degree program.

Students may register to audit a course during any of the regular registration periods.

Students considering this option should discuss it carefully with their academic advisor to see if this is the best choice or if another grading option, such as pass/fail, may be more appropriate.
Schools, in some cases, do not allow students to register for a class for credit after taking it on an audit basis. Consult with your advisor prior to making the decision to audit a course.

Cost of Auditing

Courses taken for audit do not apply toward any academic degree and do not count as part of a student’s full-time or part-time course load for purposes of financial aid or for loan deferments.
Tuition for an audited course is the same as that for a credit course.

Changing from Audit to Credit

Course work transcripted as “NC” may not subsequently be changed to credit. Any change from audit to credit, or vice-versa, must be completed during the first week of classes during the Fall or Spring terms, or prior to the second class meeting during a Summer session. The signature of the instructor is required for this change of enrollment.

Any school or department has the option to exclude auditors from a particular course or remove auditors during the first week of the semester in order to permit credit seeking students to enroll. In such cases, the auditor will receive a 100% refund of fees.

The instructor or school dean (or designated representative) must grant permission allowing a student to audit a class.