IU East Catalog

Framework for General Education in Baccalaureate Degree Programs

General Education is a set of knowledge and skills that are generally expected of every person who has earned a four-year degree. The General Education requirement is divided into two groups: A core, which is common to all students at Indiana University East, and a set of program specific requirements. The program specific requirements may be met in a variety of ways, and may be tailored to individual programs, as long as they meet the associated objectives.

The list of courses by which a requirement is met is chosen by the faculty of the specific discipline. It is the responsibility of the faculty in this discipline to approve only those courses that clearly meet the course objectives and are college level courses. Courses outside of a specific discipline, if approved, may meet General Education Core Requirements.

Students can use each course to satisfy only one General Education Core requirement.

Please refer to the appropriate framework on the right under “Resources” depending upon your date of enrollment at Indiana University East to help guide you through your General Education studies.