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Center for Teaching & Learning


The Center for Teaching & Learning serves as a central hub for faculty professional development.  We provide guidance and leadership as well as disseminate the information, technology, pedagogy, and services that ensure students achieve their learning and their goal of obtaining a high quality Indiana University degree.

We are located in Hayes Hall 064 and are available online, or during our campus office hours M-F, 8-5PM. 765-973-8561


Professional Development Opportunities

We offer a variety of faculty development opportunities – hands-on workshops, teaching presentations, online webinars, and one-on-one consultations.  Please consult our workshop calendar or contact us to make an appointment. 

Additionally, we offer several online experiences.  Available to all IU faculty and staff, at no charge.   


Certificate in the Art of Teaching

Description:  Are you new to university teaching, or need a refresher?  This certificate course addresses the major concepts in the art of teaching - approach, delivery, and assessment.  Learn the basics with us, and build a strong foundation for future pedagogical development. 

Enrollment: 50 participant limit.  Open to all faculty and staff. 

Dates: July 11 - August 22nd

Register Here: Art of Teaching


Micro-Course: 5 Student Apps for Hacking College

Description:  This course is open to all students, and is a fun way to get students familiar with Canvas. It will also introduce students to some apps that will help them succeed. The CTL is happy to provide instructors with student completion information, if they would like to assign the 5 Apps experience as a part of their course. 

Enrollment: 50 participant limit. Open to all faculty, staff, and students. 

Dates:  TBD

Register Here: 5 Student Hacks


Micro-Course: Social Media Cleanse

Description:  Join us for a five-day social cleanse!  In this online micro-course, we will tackle a new issue each day - privacy, notifications, pictures, location tracking, friend lists.  Improve the impression you are making on others, and destroy disruptive technology. 

Enrollment: 75 participant limit.  Open to all faculty, staff, and students. 

Dates:  TBD

Register Here: Social Cleanse



  • Trudi Weyermann, D.A. - Faculty Director of Center for Teaching & Learning
  • Diana Uhlman, Ph.D. - Instructional Design / Training Specialist
  • Gretchen DeHart, M.A. - Instructional Support/Training Specialist
  • Anthony Jones-Scott, M.Ed - Data Specialist/Instructional Media Support Specialist

Registration / Enrollment

If you have any questions, please contact the Center for Teaching & Learning (765) 973-8454.

To register for any of our events or professional development opportunities please visit our registration page here:  


2016-17 Faculty Programming

CTL Faculty Fellow in Innovative Teaching

Short Description:  CTL Faculty Fellows present (at least) 2 workshops for the academic year, focusing on best practices and research in teaching & learning.  Faculty Fellows are expected to work closely with Center for Teaching & Learning Staff to schedule presentations, present information, and follow up with participants.  

More information:  Each CTL Faculty Fellow will receive a stipend of $200/workshop for each on-campus presentation.  No more than four faculty members will be selected for the 2016-17 year. Open to all full-time faculty.  Call for Proposals is due April 15, 2016.


What Does Research Say (#WDRS) Reading Club

Short Description: #WDRS is a small “”book club type” discussion group that reads from an array of supplied pedagogical articles.  Meeting periodically throughout the academic year, at the club’s discretion, this group will give a final “coffee hour” event in the Spring 2017 on their readings, findings, and impact on teaching.  There is an expectation that discussion group members use the hashtag #WDRS and post comments throughout the year via FB and/or Twitter.  

More information:  The #WDRS must meet at least four times throughout the year (twice a semester preferable) not including the final “coffee hour”.  For the 2016-17 academic year, one facilitator* and no more than five group members will be selected for ease of scheduling.  In a case of high demand, additional groups may be created.  The #WDRS reading club is open to all full-time and part-time faculty.  

*The #WDRS group facilitator will receive a stipend of $250 for the academic year to coordinate the group, plus a small budget to provide hospitality for meetings (coffee, dessert, etc.).  Application for facilitator is due April 15, 2016.  

Reverse Peer Reviewer in Teaching Excellence

Short Description:  The Reverse Peer Reviewer in Teaching Excellence (RPRTE) is a full-time faculty member who portrays teaching excellence and is willing to open their classroom (and Canvas sites) to observers.  Designed as an opportunity to learn from an experienced colleague, observers must be either a full-time or part-time faculty member.  The RPRTE must work with interested observers to ensure proper notice and appropriateness in scheduling visits.  

More information:  The RPRTE must make at least one course available each semester (fall, spring), but if feasible, the ideal preference would be two courses available each semester (one on-campus, one online) if teaching schedules allow.  One Reverse Peer Reviewer will be selected and will receive a stipend of $1000 for the academic year.  Application is due April 15, 2016.  

CTL Classroom Observer

Short Description:  The CTL is interested in recruiting and training full-time faculty members interested in becoming Classroom Observers.  The CTL Classroom Observer pool will consist of individuals willing to perform observations throughout the 2016-2017 academic year.  Any faculty member requesting classroom observations will be networked to a trained CTL Classroom Observer and engage in a 3 classroom visit process, in order to complete an adequate experience of helpful feedback.  

More information:  CTL Classroom Observers must complete training and be available to collaborate with a minimum of three faculty members throughout the academic year, totaling 9 classroom visits.  CTL Classroom Observers will receive a yearly stipend of $500 for their work. Documentation must be coordinated through the Center for Teaching & Learning through Qualtrics.  Additional collaborations (beyond three) may be compensated relative to funding.  Application is due by April 15, 2016.  Open to all full-time faculty.  Training is tentatively scheduled for early August.  

CTL QM Peer Reviewer

Short Description:  Any IU East faculty member who has achieved Peer Reviewer status in Quality Matters, having successfully completed the QM PRC training, can become a CTL QM Peer Reviewer for IU East.  

More information:  All CTL QM Peer Reviewers will complete an informal review of the online course, consisting of the 21 essential standards, Standard 8.3, and an amended Standard 5.2 within 4 weeks of receipt.  Documentation must be performed through an online Qualtrics form in a timely manner.  Up to five (maximum) CTL Classroom Observers will be selected.  Stipend for each review is $75.  CTL QM Peer Reviewer acknowledgement and agreement.  

Flawsome! Brown Bag Series

Short Description:  Flawsome! Is a brown bag series that celebrates teachers as flawed human beings.  This informal group shares stories of blunders, miscalculation, and stumbles in order to better ourselves moving forward.  For the 2016-17 academic year, this group will be led by a faculty facilitator* and is open to all teaching faculty.  

More information:  The Flawsome! Brown Bag Series must meet at least four times throughout the year (twice a semester preferable).  For the 2016-17 academic year, one facilitator* will be selected.  The facilitator will work with the Center for Teaching & Learning to schedule the group, and provide a mystery “brown bag” at each meeting.   At the end of each meeting, the facilitator will help to seek a consensus of who among them is worthy of the “brown bag” and its contents.  


The Flawsome! group facilitator will receive a stipend of $250 for the academic year to schedule and coordinate the group, and ensure a safe sharing environment.  Application for facilitator is due April 15, 2016.  

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