Center for Teaching & Learning

Center for Teaching & Learning


The Center for Teaching & Learning serves as a central hub for faculty professional development.  We provide guidance and leadership as well as disseminate the information, technology, pedagogy, and services that ensure students achieve their learning and their goal of obtaining a high quality Indiana University degree.

Our offices include:

  • Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL)
  • Testing Center

We are located in Springwood, Suite 202 – and are available online, or during our campus office hours M-F, 8-5PM. 765-973-8561

Professional Development Opportunities

We offer a variety of faculty development opportunities – hands-on workshops, teaching presentations, online webinars, and one-on-one consultations.  Please consult our workshop calendar or contact us to make an appointment. 

Additionally, we offer several online experiences.  Available to all IU faculty and staff, at no charge.   

Micro-Course: Social Cleanse

Description:  Join us for a five-day social cleanse!  In this online micro-course, we will tackle a new issue each day - privacy, notifications, pictures, location tracking, friend lists.  Improve the impression you are making on others, and destroy disruptive technology. 

Enrollment: 75 participant limit.  Open to all faculty, staff, and students. 

Dates:  September 21-25


Certificate in the Art of Teaching

Description:  Are you new to university teaching, or need a refresher?  This certificate course addresses the major concepts in the art of teaching - approach, delivery, and assessment.  Learn the basics with us, and build a strong foundation for future pedagogical development. 

Enrollment: 50 participant limit.  Open to all faculty and staff. 

Dates:  September 28 - November 8


Micro-Course: Integrating Apps into Teaching

Description:  Find out more about apps and how they can be used to enhance teaching.  We will survey what's popular, what's easy to integrate, and how apps might be used to improve student engagement.  This online micro-course will consist of three weekly modules with assigned coursework and constructive feedback.  Participants will receive a certificate. 

Enrollment: 50 participant limit.  Open to all faculty and staff. 

Dates:  October 26 - November 13


Micro-Course: Creating a Multi-modal Learning Environment

Description: This three week online micro-course will examine unique aspects of multi-intelligence which are often overlooked in standard pedagogy.    Participants will be evaluated weekly based on assigned coursework and receive a certificate upon completion. 

Enrollment: 50 participant limit.  Open to all faculty and staff.

Dates:  January 11-29



  • Trudi Weyermann, D.A. - Faculty Director of Center for Teaching & Learning
  • Diana Uhlman, Ph.D. - Instructional Design / Training Specialist
  • Gretchen DeHart, M.A. - Instructional Support/Training Specialist
  • Anthony Jones-Scott, M.Ed - Data Specialist/Instructional Media Support Specialist
  • Tracy Amyx, Student Success Coach (in partnership)
  • May Moore, Student Success Coach (in partnership)

Registration / Enrollment

If you have any questions, please contact the Center for Teaching & Learning (765) 973-8454.

To register for any of our events or professional development opportunities click here:  

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Amber Clark

Amber Clark
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