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IU East Online supports online learning through IU East. Acting as a central hub, we provide guidance and leadership as well as disseminate the information, technology, pedagogy, and services that ensure students achieve their learning and their goal of obtaining a high quality Indiana University degree.

Our offices include:

  • IU East Online
  • Center for Teaching & Learning (CTL)
  • Online Student Services
  • Testing Center

We are located in Springwood, Suite 202 – and are available online, or during our campus office hours M-F, 8-5PM. 765-973-8561

Faculty Development Opportunities

We offer a variety of faculty development opportunities – hands-on workshops, teaching presentations, online webinars, and one-on-one consultations.  Please consult our workshop calendar or contact us to make an appointment. 

Additionally, we offer several online experiences.  Available to all IU faculty and staff, at no charge.   

Teaching Technology Badges

Our Teaching Technology Badges will help any faculty member “fill in the gaps” on what they know about campus technology, instructional software, and incorporating media.  Designed for those who are generally self-sufficient and independent learners, these badges are self-paced, each consisting of several modules that provide the participant with learning materials to achieve the desired tasks.  CTL staff are available for guidance (lifelines), but feedback will be based on a complete / incomplete scale.


Participants can enroll and complete at any time.  We recommend, however, that participants progress in the series order, beginning with the Campus and Services Badge, in order to build on concepts.  Open to all full and part-time IU faculty and staff, at no cost. To participate, visit our enrollment page.

Certificate in Online Teaching

The Certificate in Online Teaching will be offered as four (8 week) online series. These curriculum levels can be best described as weekly interactive modules designed to foster student interaction, rich media content, active instructors, with direct assessment tasks that foster research and online teaching development (according to our long-standing experience in best practices for teaching online). The certificate coursework will break down into the following:

  • Series 1: Organization, Course Documents, Campus Policies - New Cohort begins January 4, 2016.
  • Series 2: Course Communication, Campus Services, Compliance and Copyright
  • Series 3: Student Interaction, Collaboration, and Assessment
  • Series 4: Multimedia, Visual, and Instructor Presence

Each course can also be completed as a teaching badge.  Participants will still be required to participate, interact, and perform tasks, but can conclude their learning at the end of a particular series with the award of a teaching badge in that area. 

Certificate in Online Teaching

Registration / Enrollment

Participants in the certificate program will be asked to take each series in sequential order. It is not permitted to enroll in any two certificate series simultaneously. Taken without break, a participant in the program will be able to complete the certificate in 2 semesters. Enrollment may be limited, and depending on credentials (faculty, graduate student, etc.), will be registered on a first come, first serve basis.

To enroll, please visit our enrollment page.  This program is offered to all IU faculty and staff at no cost.  If you have any questions, please contact the Center for Teaching & Learning (765) 973-8300.

Offering / Sequence

Series 1-4 will be offered beginning in Spring 2016.  The sequence will be as follows:

Series 1 Organization, Course Documents, Campus Policies January 4, 2016
Series 2 Course Communication, Campus Services, Compliance and Copyright March 9, 2016
Series 3 Student Interaction, Collaboration and Assessment May 3, 2016
Series 4 Multimedia, Visual, and Instructor Presence June 28, 2016

Completion of the Certificate

Participants who successfully complete all four courses will be awarded the Certificate in Online Teaching.  The level in which each series is completed will determine completion, proficient, and excellence in rankings. 


  • Trudi Weyermann, D.A. - AVC Teaching & Learning; Dean, Distance Education
  • Diana Uhlman, Ph.D. - Instructional Design / Training Specialist
  • Gretchen DeHart, M.A. - Student Training Specialist

Contact Us

Amber Clark

Amber Clark
  • 765-973-8300
  • Springwood Hall 202
    2325 Chester Blvd.
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