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Alumni Spotlight: Alyssa Tegler

Alyssa Tegler

At IU East, Alyssa Tegler found a home. As a previous Ball State student, she thought she knew where she wanted to be. But she found that after three semesters, Ball State wasn’t the campus for her. The intimate feeling of IU East was a refreshing change to the larger atmosphere Alyssa had previously experienced. She met and built relationships with peers and faculty and staff, who were “incredibly encouraging,” as she sought to find the right career.

She was involved in the radio-TV program in high school and knew she wanted to continue this in college. “I felt a degree in communication studies was a great fit and was particularly drawn to the fact that this degree can be applied to a diverse number of fields, opening a range of career options,” stated Allyssa.

In addition to the full course load that occupied much of her time at IU East, she sought other outlets to apply the skills she learned in her classes. Alyssa became a founding member of the Media Club at IU East. She was elected president of the club in the fall of 2009, a position she maintained for the next two years as she guided the club’s growth. “My academic experience at IU East has taught me extremely valuable lessons that I know will carry with me into my future,” Alyssa exclaimed.