School of Education

Board of Advisors

The time and commitment given by our Board Members is greatly appreciated.


The purpose of the School of Education Board of Advisors is to improve the quality of education provided children by working collaboratively with us to strengthen the quality of our teacher education program. The mission of the School of Education is to prepare teachers who are Reflective Scholars, Instructional Leaders, and Global Citizens and to serve the community and profession promoting and facilitating best practice in education.

The Board meets each spring. Task Forces (Diversity, Assessment, Professional Development, Special Education, and Recruitment, Retention and Marketing) meet via small group and email throughout the year.

  • Ross Alexander
    • IU East, Dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Rob Bailey
    • Richmond High School, Teacher
  • Kierstan Barbre
    • Communities in Schools
  • Laura Blessing
    • Northeastern School District, Superintendent
  • Lisa Chalfant
    • Randolph Southern Central School Corporation, Curriculum Director
  • Matt Dickerson
    • Centerville-Abington Elementary School, Teacher
  • Bill Doering
    • Nettle Creek School Corporation, Superintendent
  • John Engle
    • Lincoln Middle School, Principal
  • Mary Folkerth
    • IU East, Nursing Faculty
  • Nancy Fort
    • Ivy Tech, Professor
  • Gwinn Gibbs
    • Richmond Community Schools, Coach
  • Treva Gough
    • Northside Elementary School, Teacher
  • Duane Hodgins
    • Lawrence Township, Retired Assistant Superintendent
  • Amanda Issacs
    • Hagerstown Elementary, Teacher
  • Brandi Jackson
    • Charles Elementary School, Teacher
  • Kristi Johnting
    • Northeastern School District, Teacher
  • Terri Lane
    • IU East, University Supervisor
  • Kate Lash
    • Winchester School District, Teacher
  • Millicent Martin
    • Palladium Item, News Editor
  • Mike Moore
    • Centerville School District, Counselor
  • Linda Morgason
    • Richmond Community Schools, Board Member
  • Lisa Noble
    • IU East, University Supervisor
  • Kirsten Phillips
    • Fairview Elementary School, Teacher
  • Marc Price
    • Richmond High School, Teacher
  • Tommy Renfro
    • Educational Service Center of August County, Curriculum Director
  • Kathleen Rieke
    • Fayette County School District, Assistant Superintendent of Elementary Education
  • Louise Ronald
    • Palladium Item, News Reporter
  • Tim Scales
    • IU East, School of Business Faculty
  • Josh Segester
    • Tri-Village School District, Superintendent
  • Kara Shelford
    • Crestdale Elementary School, Teacher
  • Rita Slifer
    • Test Middle School, Special Education Teacher
  • Kevin Smith
    • IU East, University Supervisor
  • Dawn Sonsini
    • Northeastern School District, Principal
  • Phil Stevenson
    • Centerville School District, Superintendent
  • Cyndi Taylor
    • Richmond High School, Special Education
  • Shaun Thomas
    • Tri-Village School District, Teacher
  • Jason Troutwine
    • IU East, Vice Chancellor of External Affairs
  • Marilyn Watkins
    • IU East, Former Dean of School of Education
  • Jessica Wilburn
    • Test Middle School, Teacher
  • Carl Wilms
    • Resident Manager, Mary Gray Bird Sanctuary
  • Eva Wolfe
    • IU East, University Supervisor
  • Zac Zurwell
    • Western Wayne Elementary School, Teacher

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