School of Education

Indiana Teacher Licensing Test Scores

Basic Skills (Praxis I)

Test Name Code *Qualifying Score
PPST Reading (discontinued) 10710 176
PPST Writing (discontinued) 20720 172
PPST Mathematics (discontinued) 10730 175
C-PPST Reading (discontinued) 5710 176
C-PPST Writing (discontinued) 5720 172
C-PPST Mathematics (discontinued) 5730 175
CBT Reading (discontinued) 0711 323
CBT Writing (discontinued) 0721 318
CBT Mathematics (discontinued) 0731 320

Specialty Area (Praxis II)

Test Name Code *Qualifying Score
Biology: Content Knowledge 0235 154
Biology and General Science (Middle School only) 20030 560
Chemistry: Content Knowledge 0245 151
Early Childhood Education (K-3) 10020 510
Earth Science: Content Knowledge 0571 150
Elementary Education: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment 10011 165 †
English Language, Literature, and Composition: Content Knowledge 10041 153
General Science (Rules 46-47 licenses only; discontinued)
For General Science license
For Physical Science license
10430 450 360
Introduction to the Teaching of Reading (for Reading License/endorsement only) 10200 510
Mathematics: Content Knowledge 0061 136
Middle School: English Language Arts (see note 4) 0049 152
Middle School: Mathematics (see note 4) 0069 156
Middle School: Social Studies (see note 4) 0089 153
Middle School: Science (see note 4) 0439 137
Physical Science (rules 46-47 licenses only; discontinued) 10430 360
Physics: Content Knowledge 0265 149
Reading Specialist (for elementary teaching after July 1, 2001) 0300 370
Social Studies: Content Knowledge 10081 147

* State requirements for licensing may change at any time.  Since the IU East Division of Education has chosen to encorporate state licensing requirements into our assessment model, students will have to meet state requirements regardless of date of entry into the program.
(effective 9/1/03)


  1. If an applicant for an initial teaching license achieves the minimal acceptable score for the examination at the time she/he completes the teacher preparation program, the applicant may use that score even if a different score or different examination is required at the time of application for the license.  However, an applicant must take any examination or test that has been added after the applicant completed the preparation program.
  2. As of September 1, 1999, a candidate who has not passed any part of the Core Battery Tests can only use the Pre-Professional Skills (PPST C-PPST or CBT) to qualify for licensing.
  3. Individuals preparing for a Physical Science License under Rules 2002 should take both Chemistry (0245) and Physics (0265) tests.
  4. Middle school tests are for the Rules 2002 Early Adolescent Generalist license and candidates adding a single middle school content area to an elementary license. According to Board policy, teachers must test at the highest developmental level on the license, therefore, these tests may not be used for individuals licensed at the high school level.

Revised 6/16/04

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