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Licensure Information

Teachers or prospective teachers with specific questions about how they may obtain or renew an Indiana teaching license may contact the Office of Educator Licensing and Development (OELD) or the licensing advisor at an Indiana college or university that offers teacher preparation programs. Indiana University East's licensing advisors are Jane Lamb, 765-973-8265 and Carla Bowen, 765-973-8615.

Initial Licensing

Students completing IU East Education Programs meet all academic requirements for provisional licensure at the appropriate level in the state of Indiana. Persons with misdemeanor or felony convictions may not be eligible for licensure.

CPR/AED training is required for licensure. For more information, see the following web page:

Pearson or Praxis II Exams are required for initial licenses. For a list of the current required Indiana exams, see the Indiana Department of Education website.

Transition from rules Rules 2002 to REPA

  • Students currently in education programs designed under Rules 2002, will receive the 2 year Rules 2002 license with the 2 year induction program indicator upon graduation and completion of licensure requirements. Students in these programs must graduate and apply for licensure prior to August 31, 2013. Rules 2002 licenses will not be issued after this date
  • IUE education programs meeting the new licensing structure (REPA) will be in place for students beginning their Bachelor’s in Education degrees spring 2011 and subsequent semesters. Upon successful program completion, these graduates will be issued initial 2 year teaching licenses under REPA during which time they will begin a two year beginning teacher residency
  • With completion of 2 year residency, a 5 year Proficient Practitioner license will be issued, which will be renewed in accordance with the Professional Growth Plan.

License Renewal

The information below is subject to change and further clarification by the Office of Educator Licensing and Development (OELD) - Indiana Department of Education.

  • Rules 46-47 licenses will continue to renew every 5 years with the completion of 6 semester hours of approved college courses.
  • Rules 46-47 license holders may opt for license renewal under the Professional Growth Plan, but once this option is exercised the license holder will remain on the Professional Growth Plan and cannot revert back to the old 6 semester hour renewal plan.

IU East Policy on Professional Growth Points

Points earned through Professional Growth Plans (PGP's) or Continuing Education Units (CEU's) through online or other courses are eligible to count towards re-certification.  They are not eligible for graduate credit at the IU East School of Education.  If a student desires to take a course and have that course count toward a graduate degree, it must be a graduate-level course where a grade is awarded and entered onto the student's transcript.

License Additions

Current teachers interested in adding a subject area to their current licenses should refer to the following web page:


License Fees

  • Issuance of an Original License - $35
  • Renewal - $35
  • Add or Delete a License Area - $35
  • Conversion to a Professional License - $35
  • Limited License (Original or Renewal) - $35
  • Reciprocal License - $35
  • Evaluation to Professionalize a License - $35
  • Evaluation of an Out-of-State Transcript - $35
  • Duplicate - $35
  • Internship Change - $35
  • Occupational Specialist Evaluation - $35
  • Occupational Specialist (Original/Renewal) - $35
  • Substitute (Original or Renewal) - $15
  • Name Change - No fee

All fees are non-refundable. A person may combine any two (2) or more actions for renewal, to add/drop a licensing area, or convert to a professional license in the same application, and pay a fee for only one (1) of the actions. In other words, requesting two actions simultaneously under the same application would cost the applicant $35 and not $70.

Licensing in Other States

Contact the Department of Education in the state where you want to obtain a license. For Ohio licensing information, see:

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