School of Education

B.S. in Elementary Education (120 cr)

This degree will license you to teach K-6 Elementary Education. It also includes a minor in either K-12 Mild Intervention, Reading, Math or Physical Education. Additional courses may be taken to license in these areas as well.

General Education Requirements (39 cr)

Composition & Communication (9 cr)

College Level Mathematics (3 cr)

  • MATH-N102 Math for Elementary Teachers - (Other options if choosing the math minor. See your advisor.)

Natural Science & Mathematics (9 cr)

Humanities & Fine Arts (12 cr)

Behavioral & Social Sciences (9 cr)

Additional Program Requirements (18-20 cr)

First-Year Seminar (0-2)

Students entering the program with less than 12 credit hours of transferable credit are required to complete the First Year Seminar (UCOL-U 101).

Literature (3 cr)

Mathematics (3 cr)

Professional Education Requirements

The lab / field experience courses, including M201, M301, and M401, can (and must) be taken multiple times for credit

Foundations (9 cr)

  • HPER-P 290 Movement Experiences for Preschool and Elementary Children
  • EDUC-F 205 Study of Education & Practice of Teaching
  • EDUC-M 300 Teaching in a Pluralistic Society
  • EDUC-M 201 Psychology Applied to Teaching Lab / Field experience

Professional Education Courses (9 cr)

Methods (25 cr) [Must be admitted to TEP]

Student Teaching Semester (12 cr)

Minor Choices (15 cr) Choose one minor

Mild Intervention Minor

  • EDUC-K 307 Special Needs Methods
  • EDUC-K 343 Educ of Socially and Emotionally Disturbed 1
  • EDUC-K 352 Education of Children with Learning Disabilities
  • EDUC-K 410 Issues in Special Education: Mild and Moderate Intellectual Disabilities
  • EDUC-K 495 Special Education Field Experience

Reading Minor

Math Minor (housed in the School of Natural Science and Math)

Physical Education Minor

  • HPER-P 140 Foundations of Physical Education
  • HPER-P 141 Fundamentals of Human Movement
  • HPER-P 205 Structural Kinesiology
  • HPER-P 214 Basic Methods of Teaching Physical Education
  • HPER-P 280 Basic Care and Prevention of Athletic Injuries
  • HPER-P 290 Movement Experiences for Preschool and Elementary Children

Early Childhood Education Minor

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