Masters of Science in Education

Required Components for Graduation

  • Completion of all required coursework including, but not limited to, Action Research Project, Professional Development Leadership Service Project and Thesis.
  • Cumulative Graduate GPA of 3.0

Should a candidate fail to meet Admission, Retention or Graduation requirements he/she will have one opportunity to remediate the deficiency. No more than one deficiency may be remediated per program component, total of three. Candidates must appeal dismissal in writing to the Graduate Admissions and Retention Committee (GARC), within thirty days of notification. The letter of appeal must include a full explanation of why the candidate has been deficient and a concise improvement plan outlining how the candidate will take responsibility for remediation of the deficiency and be more successful upon readmission.

The GARC has authority to approve or deny an appeal and approve, deny, modify an improvement plan. Appeals to GARC decisions may be made to the Division Chair. Appeals to decisions rendered by the Division Chair are processed through the IUE Admissions and Academic Affairs Committee (AAA). Appeals of AAA decisions may be made to the Chancellor.

Contact Information

Dr. James Barbre