Graduate Certificate in Online Instruction and Assessment

The School of Education is offering a 12-hour Graduate Certificate in Online Instruction and Assessment (SCOIA) consisting of four courses.  Potential and practicing instructors who work in online teaching environments will learn to integrate best practices in on line teaching while preparing courses and/or instructional training programs.  Each course is 8 weeks long.  

Courses include topics focusing on the development of quality online courses including:

  • Foundations of online learning theory,
  • Effective and targeted assessment,
  • Engaging means of instructional delivery,
  • Developing online teaching materials.

Fields served by the focus of this credential include:

  • Online public schools and/or private schools
  • Post-secondary teaching at community college and beyond
  • Online training in business
  • Private and governmental organizational operations
  • Not-for-profit organizations


EDUC-R 505 Instructional Media Applications (3 cr)

This course includes the foundations of online learning theory, evolution of the field of online learning, and design elements of effective instruction; software use is introduced.

EDUC-P 507 Planning and Assessment (3 cr)

This course includes effective and targeted assessment as it relates to online instruction.  Encompassing 21st century skills, course design principles, and proven assessment techniques, the student will learn how to target assessment in the most effective manner.

EDUC-W 520 Instructional Technology (3 cr)

This course will introduce the student to the various means of instructional delivery utilized by instructors in online environments.  This will include an introduction to best practices with such tools as blogs, wikis, e-docs, presentation tools, cloud computing and many others.

EDUC- R 503 Application of Instructional Media and Technology (3 cr)

This course will enable the student to take content they would be teaching and develop that content into a series of instructional modules.  This will involve the culmination of instructional principles covered in previous courses.  This course will involve planning, instructional development, and targeted assessment.  The student will be able to immediately implement the newly designed course.

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Jerry Wilde
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