School of Education

Transferring Courses

Formal evaluation of transcripts for transfer of courses from other universities is done by the IU East Office of Admissions.

Applicability of courses to IU East School of Education programs is reviewed on an individual basis by the School of Education certification advisor. A fee is charged for analysis of transcripts of students not currently enrolled in an IU East undergraduate program.

Transfer students will be required to meet requirements for Admission to the Teacher Education Program (including coursework, grade point averages, CASA scores, writing sample and interview) prior to taking Methods courses.

Residency requirements for transferring Methods courses

The following coursework must be taken at Indiana University East:

Additional hours in methods courses to equal a total of at least 20 hours of coursework must be taken at IU East (for both elementary and secondary). All courses will be chosen in consultation with an education advisor after analysis of transfer credits.

(approved February 3, 2005)

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