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Graduation Rates for Students

The Federal Student-Right-To-Know Act (SRKA) requires institutions to publish the graduation rates of entering full-time beginners* according to a standard methodology developed by the U.S. Department of Education. Graduation rate information is provided for the traditional first-time, full-time fall semester beginning cohorts**, as well as for students involved in intercollegiate athletics.

*Beginner refers to first-year, degree-seeking undergraduate students enrolled at census in the fall semester who began their post-secondary study in the fall or in either of the preceding summer sessions.

**Cohort refers to degree-seeking undergraduates who were enrolled at census in the fall term and who began their studies at IU in that fall term or in any of the previous summer sessions. The federal definition of a cohort includes both beginners and students who transfer to IU from another post-secondary institution

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