Whitewater Valley Art Competition

The Whitewater Valley Annual Art Competition goes back 30 years. Now, after more than a quarter of a century, entries number between 200 to 250 and come from as many as 40 universities, art organizations, art centers, and independent artists throughout the 300-mile radius around Richmond, Indiana.

Juroring began with John Canaday, “hanging judge” of The New York Times for 20 years. The competition took a unique twist from other competitions in that Canaday openly critiqued in front of the entrants, making it an interactive learning experience. Today individuals from major art publications and high profile curators who juror the Whitewater Valley Annual Art Competition continue putting education out front through public critiquing.

Through the Whitewater Valley Annual Art Competition, artists have encountered opportunities to enhance their careers through networking; leading to exhibitions, commissions and sale of their works of art.