Transition to Teaching

The Indiana University East School of Education supports qualified individuals who want to transition from a career and an academic major outside of education into a career as a licensed teacher. Both the Richmond and Lawrenceburg campuses offer this program. The Transition to Teaching program provides such persons with the knowledge and skills to be an effective teacher. This program is governed by Indiana state statute, Indiana University East and the School of Education policies and procedures.

The Transition to Teaching program is a three semester program, beginning in January of each year for the Elementary program and May for the Secondary program in Richmond. The Lawrenceburg campus offers a Secondary T2T program that begins each May. Students study educational psychology, student diversity, reading and content area methodology. Field experiences in a variety of school settings occur every semester, including a two semester internship in a classroom at the developmental level appropriate to the student's career objectives and proposed licensure. Most classes are taught during the daytime. All field placements are completed during K-12 school hours.

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