Center for Health Promotion

  1. Healthy IU

Hours / Location

Location: Hayes Hall 004

Phone: 765-973-8216

Hours: Monday-Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m and by appointment

Mission Statement

Promote individual and organizational health in our diverse community.


To provide quality, affordable wellness services.


Collaborate with campus departments and community organizations to impact IUE employee and student health in the areas of participation, health status, improved readiness to change, productivity, quality of life, student retention, reduction of medical/worker compensation claims cost and absenteeism.

Facilitate student learning and faculty scholarship, including interdisciplinary activities and service-learning projects.

Increase visibility and accessibility of the wellness programming on campus and in the community.

Provide quality mental health services to students, faculty, staff and families.

Provide programming and services to promote the nine dimensions of wellness.  The dimensions are: 

  • emotional
  • social
  • spiritual
  • vocational
  • physical
  • environmental
  • financial
  • intellectual
  • community

Provide culturally diverse health and wellness resource information to all CHP participants.