Minor in Anthropology

The minor in Anthropology, you will have a greater knowledge of the theories, concepts, and methods used by Anthropologists in the study of human cultures. Students will choose the additional courses with flexibility to meet your specific interests. The capstone Independent Study in Anthropology offers an experience in which students utilize the concepts and methodology of the discipline in supervised studies. Students will demonstrate your knowledge and skills in a field experience paper or presentation.

Course Requirements (16-20 cr)

  • ANTH-A 103 Human Origins and Prehistory
  • ANTH-A 104 Culture and Society
  • Choose 1 additional Anthropology course at the 200 level or higher
  • Choose 2 additional Anthropology courses at the 300 level or higher
  • ANTH-A 495 Independent Studies in Anthropology

(A495 is to be taken in conjunction with the final course of the anthropology minor sequence. The final course will normally be at the 300/400 level. Any exceptions must be approved by an advisor.)

A grade of ā€œCā€ or higher is required for any course applied in the minor.

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