Communication Studies

The Department of Communication Studies at IU East offers programs that examine the process of human communication as well as the creation, dissemination, effects, and criticism of communication messages.  The Department’s undergraduate programs offer courses that focus on interpersonal communication, intercultural communication, and media studies and emphasize both theory and practice. 


Department faculty offer classes based on their wide-ranging expertise in media criticism, social media, intercultural communication, health communication, media effects, intimate communication, propaganda, public relations, and visual communication, among others.  Throughout a course of study, students may analyze communication-related current events, participate in communication scenarios, critique media artifacts, author press releases, edit photographs, or develop communication campaigns.


Professionals who hold communication degrees work in diverse industries including healthcare, advertising, public relations, media, higher education, financial services, and non-profit.


What can I do with a degree in Communication?

Here is a partial list of career possibilities obtained from the National Communication Association.

  • Community Relations Director
  • Publications Editor
  • Museum Curator
  • Editor
  • Publicist
  • Marketing Copywriter
  • Career and Training Advisor
  • Advertising Executive
  • Script Writer
  • Newspaper Publisher
  • Speechwriter
  • Sports Marketer
  • Public Affairs Director
  • Media Relations
  • TV Production
  • Video Editing
  • Technical Writing

Program Learning Outcomes

Intercultural communication competency: Analyze cultural perspectives of others and of self as these perspectives emerge in verbal and nonverbal communication;

Interpersonal communication skills: Evaluate and model interpersonal communication competence in face-to-face and mediated contexts;

Media literacy: Evaluate media messages from the points of view of audiences and of producers;

Speaking competency: Develop an oral argument that is supported by credible sources and relevant to the audience;

Listening competency: Respond to an oral or written message to demonstrate comprehension, criticism, or support;

Discipline knowledge: Explain key concepts, theories, and methods in the context of interpersonal and intercultural communication and media studies (Approved 01/14/2015)

Communication Studies News

Upcoming Courses: Spring 2018 (CMCL, SPCH, JOUR)

Course flyer for CMCL-C334, image of 9/11 terrorist attack, images of different news network logos


Undergraduate, On-campus

  • CMCL-C122 Interpersonal Communication TR 9:30-10:45am
  • CMCL-C205 Introduction to Communication and Culture MW 11:00 am-12:15pm
  • CMCL-C334 Media and Terrorism MW 12:30-1:45pm
  • CMCL-C424 Communication Research Methods TR 2:00-3:15pm
  • SPCH-S121 Public Speaking – various days

Undergraduate, Online

  • CMCL-C122 or SPCH-S122 Interpersonal Communication
  • CMCL-C205 Introduction to Communication and Culture
  • CMCL-C309 Deception, Jealousy and Secrets
  • CMCL-C315 Advertising and Consumer Culture
  • CMCL-C334 Topics: Projects in Contemporary Journalism
  • CMCL-C380 Nonverbal Communication
  • CMCL-C 405 Communication Theories
  • CMCL-C424 Communication Research Methods
  • CMCL-C427 Cross-Cultural Communication
  • CMCL-C440 Organizational Communication
  • CMCL-C450 Gender and Communication
  • CMCL-C490 Capstone Seminar in Communication and Culture
  • JOUR-J110 Foundations of Journalism and Mass Communication
  • JOUR-J210 Visual Communication
  • JOUR-J219 Introduction to Public Relations
  • SPCH-S121 Public Speaking
  • SPCH-S303 Propaganda and persuasion
  • SPCH-S333 Public Relations

Upcoming Courses: Summer 2018 (CMCL, SPCH, JOUR)

Course flyer for CMCL-C334, image of the WWII Memorial in Washington, D.C.

Course flyer for CMCL-C334, images of recent world newsFlyer for CMCL-C545 Pedagogy in Communication and Culture, multuple informational bubbles describing course content and introducing the professor.


Undergraduate, On-campus

  • SPCH-S121 Public Speaking MW 2:00-4:55pm
  • SPCH-S121 Public Speaking MW 2:00-4:55pm

Undergraduate, Online

  • CMCL-C122 or SPCH-S122 Interpersonal Communication
  • CMCL-C205 Introduction to Communication and Culture
  • CMCL-C334 Topics: Journalism and American Democracy
  • CMCL-C334 Topics: Sex and Violence in the Media
  • CMCL-C334 Topics: Social Media Strategies
  • CMCL-C334 Topics: Race and Communication
  • CMCL-C334 Topics: Health, Sexuality and Gender
  • SPCH-S121 Public Speaking

Graduate, Online

CMCL-C545 Pedagogy in Communication and Culture


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