B.S. in Communication Studies (120 cr)

General Education

Written Communication Competency (6 cr)

  • Choose one college level composition course:
  • Choose one second college level composition course:

Speaking and Listening Competency (3 cr)

Quantitative Reasoning Competency (3-4 cr)

  • Choose One
    • MATH-K300 Statistical Techniques for Health Professionals
    • PSY-K300 Statistical Techniques
    • ECON-E270 Intro to Statistical Theory in Economics & Business

Natural Sciences Competency (5-6 cr)

Humanistic Artistic Competency (6 cr)

Social-Behavioral Competency (6 cr)

Program Requirements

First-Year Seminar (0-2 cr)

  • UCOL-U101 First Year Seminar or
  • HON-H100 Freshman Honors Seminar
    A passing grade is required in the First Year Seminar course. This course is mandatory for all beginning freshmen and for transfer students with no more than 12 credit hours of transferring coursework. This course must be taken in the first semester after admission to Indiana University East.

Information Literacy (3 cr)

CSCI-A110 Introduction to Computers & Computing (or equivalent)

Technical Competency Requirement (12 cr)

Students may fulfill the Technical requirement with a minor in a Tech area or by selecting any 4 courses from the list below in consultation with your advisor. The list may change as new courses are added and technology changes.

Major Requirements

You must complete a total of 42 credit hours in Communication Studies: Communication and Culture (CMCL), Speech (SPCH), Journalism (JOUR) or Telecommunication (TEL) areas. A minimum of 36 credit hours must be taken at the 300 level or above, with at least 18 in the major.

Major Core (21 cr)

Major Electives (21 cr)

Students should discuss their career goals with their advisor when selecting these courses. New courses may be added to this list at any time; consult with your advisor for details.


If you major in Communication Studies at IU East, you may complete an internship with an organization in cooperation with the communication faculty as one of your major electives.


Choose additional courses to reach 120 credit hours total.

Writing Requirement
A grade of C (2.0) or above is necessary in all English composition courses required for a degree. Students must complete ENG W131 or the equivalent within the first 25 credit hours for which they are enrolled. Students must also complete a second writing course with a C (2.0) or above within the first 50 credit hours for which they are enrolled. This course should prepare students for writing research papers and include at least one method of widely accepted documentation and instruct students in library research skills. All students must complete a culminating writing experience in their major.

General Grade Requirement
A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.00 is required in major core and major elective courses. A passing grade is required in all other courses. A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 (C) is required for all courses taken toward a degree.

Required Credit Hours
For a bachelor degree, a minimum of 30 hours at the 200 level or above must be completed at Indiana University East. At least 15 hours in the field of concentration must be completed at Indiana University East.

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