Minor in Criminal Justice

A significant portion of federal, state, and local budgets is dedicated to funding programs which address various criminal justice issues. These monies are used to fund jobs in the criminal justice system (police, courts, and corrections), and also to fund related ancillary programs (e.g., research, construction, accounting, education, health care, and other social services). Some students at IU East who are majoring in fields other than criminal justice will find it beneficial to acquire a minor in criminal justice in order to better position themselves to work in these areas.

Students majoring in any of IU East’s Behavioral and Social Sciences programs (sociology, psychology, political science, social work, and anthropology) are likely to be someday involved in jobs that are associated to the criminal justice system; even students majoring in business, education, humanities and fine arts, natural sciences, mathematics, and nursing may find themselves working in areas related to the criminal justice system. Students, by successfully completing five basic criminal justice courses, will become knowledgeable in how the criminal justice system operates and why it operates as it does.

Minor Requirements (15 cr)

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