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Pursue a degree in English and live what you love.  The English department at IUE will afford you the chance to grow as a writer, examine the timelessness of the world's greatest writers, and become a part of a dynamic program.

Master of Arts in English

The English Department is now accepting applications. The deadline for applications is April 15th for fall acceptance of the same year. Master of Arts in English program. For more information about the M.A. in English and application process, contact Margaret Thomas Evans, English Department chairperson, at (765) 973-8614 or email margevan@iue.edu.

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Bachelor of Arts in English Concentrations

Creative Writing: Within the English degree, students can choose to concentrate in Creative Writing, with courses in Fiction, Poetry, and Creative Nonfiction.  Students will explore writing in various forms: short stories, novels, poetry, memoir, documentary writing, and more.  Creative opportunities include Tributaries, the IUE literary magazine; internships; visiting writers; and field trips.

Literature: A literature concentration allows majors to concentrate their courses in British, American, and world literatures.  The concentration is recommended for students intending to pursue graduate work in literature.  Students are encouraged to take as many classes as possible in the British literature sequence and the American literature sequence. Through these classes, students will have covered the major authors and periods in both British and American literature.  Additionally, students will take world literature for an appreciation of non-English literatures.  Beginning with English L202 Literary Interpretation, students will round off their experiences with literary criticism English L371.

Technical and Professional Writing: A concentrated study in the techniques of professional and technical writing including document design, digital writing, technical editing, and technical writing. Create brochures, websites, presentations, reports, blogs, and more. Fine tune your professional writing skills for the world of technical writing, editing, marketing, advertising, publishing, journalism, and many other areas which require excellent writing skills.

Composition Studies: Students in our program gain practical experience in composition theory, research, and pedagogy. In addition to a specialization in composition studies, students will take courses in linguistics, literature, and critical practices, and have the flexibility to take electives like creative non-fiction. Students in our program are prepared for professional positions or going on to graduate work in English or Education.

Noteworthy Courses, Fall '14

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Faculty Spotlight

Tanya Perkins

Tanya Perkins, Lecturer of English

This is my second year at IU East teaching composition, technical and creative writing. I moved here from Washington State with my husband and daughter (though I’m originally from Canada).  We love having four seasons—especially summer.   In this short time I’ve worked with some amazingly smart and creative students and faculty.  I feel very lucky to be here!

I earned an M.A. in English Studies at Western Washington University and am currently working on an M.F.A. from Murray State University, focusing on fiction.  My short fiction and poetry has been published in Chamber Four, Emrys Journal, Wilderness House Literary Review, Cirque, Arcadia, Jeopardy, Certain Circuits and others.  My short story “Imaginary Beasts,” was a recent Nisqually Prize nominee.

My research interests include the rhetoric of the résumé and how digital platforms affect the way we write.  An upcoming summer research fellowship will let me look more closely at how students compose résumés using online résumé-building platforms, something that is becoming more and more popular and yet about which we know very little.

When I’m not teaching or reading or writing, I love running, spin classes, yoga, Pilates—anything that makes me move!

Student Spotlight

Hannah Creech

Hannah Creech is a senior English major with a creative writing concentration.  Her passion is writing, especially the creative and technical sides of the art.  Hannah's interdisciplinary interests include the sciences, religion, and music, and she greatly enjoys the challenge of connecting other fields of study to English and writing.  During the Spring 2014 semester, she will complete a research and writing internship at the Wayne County Historical Museum. As a student approaching the end of her undergraduate career, Hannah looks forward to finishing her degree and entering the world as a writer.  She hopes to one day publish her own works, from short stories to full-length novels, and may eventually return to Indiana University East for a Master's degree.