B.A. in Humanities, Creative Writing Concentration (120 cr)

Degree Requirements

  1. You must have a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (C) on 4.0 scale. A course taken to fulfill requirements of the major must be completed with a grade of C or better, and the grade point average for all courses in the major must be C (2.0) or better.
  2. A minimum of 36 credits must be in courses at the 300 and 400 levels, with at least half in the major area.
  3. You must complete a minimum of 30 credits at Indiana University East, and at least 15 credits in the major must be completed at Indiana University East.

General Education (39 cr)

Composition & Communication (9)
College-level Mathematics (3)
Natural Science & Mathematics (9)
Humanities (9)
Social Sciences (9)

Additional Requirements (3-19 cr)

First-Year Seminar (0-2)

Students entering the program with less than 12 credit hours of transferable credit are required to complete the First Year Seminar (UCOL-U 101).

Information Literacy (3)
  • CSCI-A 110 Introduction to Computers & Computing (or equivalent)
World Languages & Cultures (0-14)

This requirement may be met by our World Language courses in one of the following ways:

  • Four courses in sequence in a single non-English language
  • Three non-English language courses (with at least two in sequence) and one culture course taught in English
  • Two courses in sequence in two different non-English languages (totaling 4 courses)
  • Two courses in seqeuence in one non-English language and two culture courses taught in English.

Concentration Requirements (30 cr)

Writing Requirements (12)
  • ENG-W 203 Creative Writing
  • Choose one from:
    • ENG-L 202 Literary Interpretation
    • ENG-L 204 Introduction to Fiction
    • ENG-L 205 Introduction to Poetry
    • (Other courses may apply, consult with the English dept.)
  • Choose one background in British Literature
    • ENG-G 301 History of English
      ENG-L 306 Middle English Literature
    • ENG-L 309 Elizabethan Poetry
    • ENG-L 322 English Literature 1660-1789
    • (Other courses may apply, consult with the English dept.)
  • Choose one Background in American Literature from:
    • ENG-L 352 American Literature 1865-1914
    • ENG-L 355 American Fiction to 1900
    • ENG-L356 American Poetry to 1900
    • ENG-L 384 Studies in American Culture
    • (Other courses may apply, consult with the English dept.)
Upper-Division Writing Requirements (15)

Choose at least three of the following courses. Any of these may be repeated once for credit.

Senior Project (3)