Internship Opportunities

If you are an English major interested in summer or fall internships, please contact Dr. Margaret Thomas Evans at for further information.

Spring 2015 Internship

Spring 2015 Internship at the Whitewater Valley Pro Bono Commission

My internship at the Whitewater Valley Pro Bono Commission provided me with a valuable, enjoyable hands-on experience that I can use in deciding what I want to do after graduating with the M.A. in English. For the internship, I wrote and revised Commission documents, researched and wrote grant applications, and strengthened my understanding of how a non-profit organization works. This earned me credits toward the M.A. while I was learning and doing things I would not have done in a conventional classroom setting

Monica Young
English M.A. student

Summer 2014 Internship

Summer 2014 Internship at Cope Environmental Center (CEC)

My internship experience at CEC was definitely a positive one. During my 10 week internship, I did a lot of research for grants and information, as well as, some grant writing. I quickly discovered that a lot of time and effort goes into grant writing.

The grant research/writing projects that I focused on were for school programs at CEC. CEC works with more than 5,000 students a year who are eager to explore the environment and receive a unique hands-on learning experience. I was able to receive excellent communication and instruction from CEC’s Program and Development Coordinator. She always responded to my questions and emails right away. I learned so much about grant writing because of her knowledge.

Laura Amick
Senior, B.A. English in Technical and Professional Writing Program


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