Placement Test


General Information

  • Students can take the test only once.
  • Students should take the test as soon as possible, especially freshmen and transfer students. See "Credit by Examination and Special Fee Structure" below.
  • Students are highly encouraged to study for the test before taking it (see the review sheet)
  • The placement test consists of a written part (to be taken at the Testing Center; contact Bob Lang at and, for those who wish to test out of S150 or above, of a brief interview with one of the Spanish instructors. This interview will be scheduled soon after taking the written part and will be conducted in Spanish.
    Note: Skype interviews are possible.
  • Distance Education students who cannot go to IU East’s Testing Center should contact Prof. Julien Simon at
  • Language instructors will contact students to schedule the interview via the student’s IU email address.

The Day of the Test

  • No textbooks, dictionaries, cell phones are allowed.
  • Students can take as much time as they need to complete the test.
  • For students wishing to test out of S150 or higher, they need to take the test for the lower levels as well (e.g. to test out of S200, a student needs to take the Placement Tests for S100, S150 and S200).
  • Indicate your IU email address.


For information about the French placement exam, please contact Prof. Julien Simon at


For information about the German placement exam, please contact Prof. Julien Simon at

Credit by Examination and Special Fee Structure

Credit may be awarded as the result of the examination. Consult with your academic advisor for more information. Contact Student Accounts for current information about the fees associated with Credit by Exam.

Request Information

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