Certificate in Hispanic Studies

The Certificate in Hispanic Studies is open to both degree-seeking and non-degree-seeking students. Certain courses have prerequisites and you will first need to fulfill those prerequisites. Placement into the appropriate level of Spanish language course is required.

Certificate Requirements
Students must be placed into the appropriate level Spanish course by test or advisement before beginning the certificate program. At least 9 hours of the certificate must be completed on the IU East campus.

Hispanic Culture -- Required Course (3 cr)

Course is taught in English.

Spanish Language -- Required Courses (0-14 cr. based on proficiency)

Diversity and Culture -- Electives (6 cr)

Courses are taught in English.

  • SPAN-S 229 Spanish Culture and Civilization (3 cr)
  • SPAN-S 284 Women in Hispanic Culture (3 cr)
  • SPAN-S 290 Topics in Hispanic Culture (3 cr)
  • SWK-S 100 Understanding Diversity in a Pluralistic Society (3 cr)
  • CMCL-C 427 Cross Cultural Communication (3 cr)
  • HISP-S 308 Spanish Conversation and Composition (3 cr.)
  • HISP-S 328 Introduction to Hispanic Literature (3 cr.)

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