A Humanities degree allows the student flexibility in creating a curriculum linked to academic and career interests.  Students may pursue a concentration track, with a focus in Music, or an interdisciplinary track, designing their own major in the Humanities.

The Interdisciplinary Humanities Track

The interdisciplinary track within the Humanities degree is designed for students with a particular educational and/or career goal for which a specific major is not offered.  For example,

  • Are you interested in Law School, and/or a career in public life, with a Humanities background?  Create a personalized curriculum combining courses in Communication Studies, Philosophy, and History (adding, perhaps, a minor in Political Science or International Studies).
  • Do you want to write and illustrate bilingual children's books?  Take courses in Creative Writing, Children's Literature, Spanish, and Fine Arts.  Add a minor in Entrepreneurship, and you're on your way.

To speak with a faculty advisor about other possible interdisciplinary combinations, contact the Chair of the Department of Arts and Culture.  Anyone simply wanting a broad-based Humanities education, without a specific focus, should pursue the Bachelor of General Studies.

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