Political Science

Minor in Political Science

This minor is open to students in all academic programs with a minor. There are no prerequisites for the minor itself. All electives require approval / consent of the minor advisor.

Course Requirements (18 cr)

Required Courses (9)
  • POLS-Y 103 Introduction to American Politics
  • POLS-Y 105 Introduction to Political Philosophy
  • Choose one:
    • POLS-Y 107 Introduction to Comparative Government or
    • POLS-Y109 Introduction to International Relations
Electives (9)
  • Choose three courses in Political Science at 200 level or above.


You will complete a minor declaration form for this program. Your progress will be recorded on this form. You are encouraged to meet with your minor advisor to discuss courses with political science before enrolling in these courses. Successful completion of the minor will be noted on this form, a copy of which will be kept in the political science department.


Three questions organize the assessment of the minor:

  • What knowledge and abilities should you demonstrate when you complete the political science minor?
  • How will the political science department know that you have gained this knowledge and are able to apply it?
  • What specific changes will departmental faculty implement if you do not demonstrate the above knowledge?

The primary campus objective is depth of knowledge: "An educated person should have achieved depth in some field of knowledge. A sequential accumulation of knowledge and skills in an academic discipline is essential for focused personal and professional development." Supervised Readings and Research in Political Science (Political Science 480), the capstone course, will serve as a source of assessment data. A rubric to assess the minor includes a definition of depth of knowledge. This course will be taken as the concluding or "capstone" course of the minor.