Courses in Religious Studies

REL-R110 Biblical Narratives in Western Culture (3 cr)

A study of several major biblical stories, plus an examination of the ways in which these stories live on as they have triggered the modern imagination of artists, writers, and composers.
Offered occasionally.

REL-R 152 Jews, Christians, Muslims(3 cr)

Patterns of religious life and thought in the West; continuities, changes, and contemporary issues.
Offered occasionally.

REL-R 160 Introduction to Religion in America (3 cr)

Varieties of religious life and culture in America. May be repeated with a different topic for a maximum of 6 credit hours.
Offered fall semesters.

REL-R 170 Religion and Ethics, & Public Life (3 cr)

Western religious convictions and their consequences for judgments about personal and social morality, including such issues as sexual morality, medical ethics, questions of socioeconomic organization, and moral judgments about warfare.
Offered occasionally.

REL-R 210 Introduction to the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible (3 cr)

Development of its beliefs, practices, and institutions from the patriarchs to the Maccabean period. Introduction to the biblical literature and other ancient Near East documents.
Offered occasionally.

REL-R 220 Introduction to the New Testament (3 cr)

Origins of the Christian movement and development of its beliefs, practices, and institutions in the first century. Primary source is the New Testament with due attention to non-Christian sources from the same environment.
Offered occasionally.

REL-A250 Introduction to Christianity (3 cr)

Survey of beliefs, rituals, and practices of the Christian community with a focus on the varieties of scriptural interpretation, historical experience, doctrine, and behavior.
Offered occasionally.

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