Minor in Sociology

The minor in Sociology will give students a greater knowledge of the basic perspectives, concepts, and methods used by Sociologists in understanding the nature of society and social relationships.

SOC-S 100 Introductory Sociology will introduce you to the basic concepts and methods of the discipline. Required courses will insure that students acquire a common core of knowledge in significant areas of Sociology. Your choices of additional courses to complete the minor will allow maximum flexibility to meet specific student interest.

SOC-S 494 The Field Experience will offer a capstone experience in which you will utilize the concepts and methodology of Sociology in supervised observational studies of real people in naturalistic settings. You will demonstrate your knowledge and skills in a field experience paper or presentation.

Required Courses (18 cr)

  • SOC-S 100 Introductory Sociology (3)
  • SOC-S 230 Society and the Individual (3)
  • Choose one from:
    • SOC-S 215 Social Change
    • SOC-S 217 Social Inequality
    • Other courses are possible with consent of minor Advisor
  • SOC-S 340 Social Theory
  • Choose two courses (6 hours) at the 300/400 level.
  • SOC-S 494 Field Experience