Internship Opportunities

Email your resume and cover letter to to apply for the following positions.

Internship Program

The internship program at Indiana University East is about connections. Links between students and employers can provide countless benefits. These connecting experiences are powerful for the student, helping to put academic knowledge into practice, as well as narrowing occupational choices. For the employer, linking with students provides a supportive and educational experience while meeting project and workforce needs.

Does the internship program sound interesting? Contact Liz Ferris, Internship Coordinator, for more information.

Student Guidelines

  1. Students must be currently enrolled at Indiana University East or Purdue University Programs.
  2. Credit internships are only available to degree-seeking students.
  3. Students must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  4. Students interested in internships will be required to attend a resume and interview workshop in the Office of the Business Development Opportunities Program prior to accepting an internship.