IU East announces fall 2013 Chancellor’s List

January 30th, 2014

Indiana University East students who take 12 or more credit hours and complete the semester with a grade point average of 4.0 on a 4.0 scale are named to the Indiana University East Chancellor’s List. The following is the fall 2013 Chancellor’s List. The list is sorted by the student’s listed hometown.


Kim Eggert


Jennifer Sroka

Flowery Branch

Adriana Gonzalez


Christina King and Bryan King

Alan Doyle and Kenneth Hampson

Lincoln Merchant

Gina Pardue

Lauren Lunsford, Denise Miles and Amanda Godsey

Cambridge City
Jim Levi

Lori Stephens

Lynn Baldwin, Hillary Chaney, Layne Husted and Rebecca Schuck

Anthony Breitenbach, Erin Futrell, Benjamin Jenkins, Kari Jenkins and Brianna Keener

Aaron Walaitis

John Wilson

Cassandra Arnold

Cameron Cox

Debra Murdock

Floyds Knobs
Laura Weaver

Fountain City
Cody Harris and Veronica Maghielse

Theodore Rectanus

Brittney Miller, Mariah Ginter, Elizabeth Spears and Kelsey Stewart

Greens Fork
Madison Chandler and Jeremy Eddy

Monica Lee, Brooke Matson, Olivia Robinson and Brandi Smith

Brittany Eisenback, Chelsea Murray and Christina Wilson

Angela Frazier

Jason Craig, Michelle King, Kathryn Scharff, Meredith Scudder and Jennifer Wantuck

Clarissa Breeding, Rodney Hoppes, Kathleen Kassens and Marci Reece

Hannah Beckley and Joshua Wert

Keith Miller

Jessica Price

Annita Iseminger and Rodney Iseminger

Logan Haney Hall and Autumn Roberts

New Castle
Amanda Mastin and Charles Walker

Miranda Bertsch, Michelle Bettner, William Bullock, Danny Capps, Richard Carrera, Hannah Dalbey, Charles Daugherty, Dylan Doner, Cory Driskill, Kyle Hall, Melissa Horn, Alexis Hurd, Brandy Kinsey, Kayla Lemar, Lenka Medvin, Lloyd Mullins, Natalie Norris, Emily O’Brien, Sarah Phillips, Jason Ray, Kaly Reichter, Kelsey Rubright, Joshua Smith, Samantha Stevens, Kasey Stolle, Timothy Tootle, Kali Wever and Brittany Williams

Jane Jones

Eli Hudnall and Krista Hudnall

Tell City   
Sonja Bittner

Jason Gross

Jessica Kieffer

Jeremiah Hidlebaugh and Jenna Moore

West Harrison
Mark Baker


Cassandra Krautsack

Sheila Coffin


Venita Barley


Nicholas Dugan


Trevor Boram, Grady Garno and Cody Schellhaas

Garrett Smith and Jordan Stallard

James Lutz

Emily Floyd, Brooke Hartwig, Mariah Marshall, McKenna Marshall, Kelsey Meyer, Dustin Nutt and Taylor Shera

Elizabeth Miller

Martina Montgomery

Jenilee Braun, Shade Brubaker, Krystle Johnson and Kelsey Wolfe

Nathaniel Riggs

Shana Lewis and Adam Obringer

New Paris
Brian Stewart

New Weston
Elizabeth Livingston

Union City
Brandon Byers and Mallory Livingston

Kiersten Finlay

West Alexandria
Stanton Garrett


Teryn Pouder


Heidi Plueger

IU East’s service-learning projects part of inaugural President’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge

January 29th, 2014

Indiana University East shared its community-focused projects in the President’s Interfaith and Community Service Campus Challenge Inaugural Report published by the U.S. Department of Education. The report highlights participating institutions’ activities as part of President Barack Obama’s national initiative that began in 2011 with the goal of providing or expanding opportunities for students to participate in community service with a component of interfaith engagement.InterfaithChallenge

IU East is one of 11 universities or colleges in the state of Indiana to participate in the inaugural program.

The university joined the program when it began in August 2011 as an initiative to build understanding among diverse communities and contribute to the common good.

IU East’s programs had the theme of “listening” to promote conversation and new experiences, providing students a variety of opportunities to actively participate in service-learning. This included “Seniors sharing stories,” focused on students visiting with elderly residents to learn about their life experiences and “I’m Listening,” during which volunteers listened to children read aloud to help improve their reading abilities as part of Richmond’s Third-Grade Academy.

There were 1,860 people, including 975 students, who were participants in service learning in the year reported.

“Service-learning continues to grow at IU East, with faculty and students committed to having a positive impact in our community,” said Frances Yates, faculty liaison to Indiana Campus Compact. “The Center for Service-Learning added 15 community partners in 2013, and IU East students provided a 30 percent increase in the number of hours of service.”

The Indiana Campus Compact (ICC) Service Engagement AmeriCorps program provides direct service and support to the host site institution, local community agencies and programs — making a difference in their communities. Additionally, students become a part of the AmeriCorps national service network of improving lives and strengthening communities and gain valuable civic and workforce skills.

Community organizations interested in developing service-learning opportunities with IU East can email iueastsl@iue.edu or call 765-973-8411.

IU East announces fall 2013 Dean’s List

January 27th, 2014

Indiana University East students who take 12 or more credit hours and complete the semester with a grade point average of 3.5 or above on a 4.0 scale are named to the Indiana University East Dean’s List. The following is the fall 2013 Dean’s List. The list is sorted by the student’s listed hometown.

Sainte Marie    

Guy-Marc Michel


Christopher Miesner

Haines City

Stacey Turner

Great Lakes

Michael Alfonso

Mary Francisco

Kristie Montgomery


Heather Gold and Olivia Markley

Brittney Gideon

Larry Madison

Nicole Kruger-Patchin

Katherine Brandes and Benjamin Somers

Amanda Adkins, Sarah Childers, Katrina Detwiler and Justin Tabor

Joy Wilson

Coren Baudendistel, Danielle Burk, Teresa Huelseman, Mikahla Lucas, Mary Noble, Mariah Peters and Chelsea Salzman

Taylor Phillips

Cambridge City
Christopher Halberstadt, Benjamin Reece, Ashley Strait and Kate Wilkinson

Megan Howard

Cedar Grove
Nicole Gregory

Erica Baldwin, Mikenzie Drew, Krista Fannin, Morgan Godsey, Jennifer Hale, Cheltsi Hinners, Sarah Lewellen, Robert Ludwig, Jennifer Phillips, Britley Platfoot, Shania Saylor, Kayla Shaffer, Katie Smith, Tiffany Smith, Caleb Warner and Courtney Westover

College Corner
Jennifer Burns

Michael Beerwart, Michael Donohue and Patrick Hummer

Tiffani Allen, Jennifer Arnold, Evan Barnes, Coty Barrett, Elayna Buckler, Jessica Bunyard, Stephanie Caldwell, Caleb Davis, Ashley Hall, Ricky Higgs, Christopher Jordan, Tamara Lakes, Daniel McQuinley, Anton Miles, Sarah Miller, Chelsy Nichols, Logan Orr, Kristina Precht, Marissa Price, Adam Reisert, Louella Schoenfeld, Jessica Schuck, Devin Short, Melissa Sparks, Landon Speers, Ronnie Swango, Wade Walling, Mackenzie Weston and Tessa Zane

Adam Hutchison

Kayla Bishop, Kara Cleeter and Sandra Muncy

Taylor Barnes, Thomas Bonwell and Chelsea Gabbard

Aaron McCullough

Kenneth Kouns

Brittainy Gilliland

Chelsea Lucas

Claudia Harvey

Floyds Knobs
Cody Banet

Fort Wayne
Christine Buchholz and Samuel Waters

Fountain City
Hope Peer

Gas City
Joshua Cook

Kodi Smith

Brandi Masterson

Brittany Barhorst and Gregory Weldon

Kyla Cecil, Adam Chew, Ashley Connelly, Laura DeArmond and Mekayla Nicholson

Greens Fork
Lindsey Cordrey

Lyndsey Receveur

Shannon Williams

Desiree Brackett, Amanda Korb and Daniel Poundstone

Austin Barancin, Kasey Bruns, Allan Bullock, Morgan Clark, Jeffery Day, Erin Hoodlebrink, Andrea Julian, Jayme Lakes and Kelly Parker

Brooke Able, Cheryl Dyer, Amber Engledow and Jessica Powell

Hannah Kinman and Hans Lagenour

Jeannette Bradshaw

Ethan Cook, Kristi Smith and Courtney White

Tiffani Jacobs-Earley, Anthony Moore and Steve Oehmen

Hubert Branstetter, Maranda Ladd and Kayleen Madden

Misty Brumfield, Nick Budd, Lissa Graber, Katie Lazarus, Michelle Lowe, Megan Mardis, Tyler Moore, Helen Potraffke, Mary Richards, Priscilla Russell and Danielle Sheehan

David Danner

Savannah Davis and Sarah Jett

Brittany Marcelle

Ashley Beckett, Michelle Brenegan, Amber Brown, Ryan Byrd, Jacob Cook, Donnie Estes, Alyssa Franks, Constance Hancock, Megan Hughes, Adam Ripberger and Lacey Zimmers

Danielle Acton, Liza Allen, Jami Dingess, Lorrick Gibson, Ian Gough, Jared Govin, Rebecca Kemplen, LouAnne Manning, Brooke Nicole Mitchem and Darla Williams

Joel Applegate, Phillip Brittain, Nakia King and Lynda White

Sarah Hensley and Nikolas Natali

Cheryl Conn, Kerri Fox and Gregory McAtee

Moores Hill
Michelle Helfrich, Lori Kervin, Kristen Lazo and Tami Spurgeon

Mount Summit
Mekesha Page

Christopher Logan, Shronda Logan, Carly Manis and Christopher Strickland

Morgan Dobbs

New Castle
Whitney Abbott, Christina Coryell, Sterling Cridge, Theodore Criswell, Sandra Dillon, Brittany Hethcox, Paula Hibbard, Laura Hill, Patricia Luhn, Shelby McRoberts, Kendra Mina, Anthony Moore, Kyle Sloan, Ethan Weesner, Tiffany Willey and Chelsea Young

New Lisbon
Jamie Melton

Sara Huff, Jennifer Schlenger and Timothy Witek

Chelsey Burris

Halie Fields and Kortney Garringer

Courtney Stuart

Keith Gerhart

Miranda Denney, Kylie Gardner, Allison Hirschy, Andrew Houck and Sarah Ninde

Tasha McCowan

Taylor Allen, Erik Baker, Alyssa Baker, Alexis Brasier, Otis Brown, Thomas Brown, Christine Carrera, Justin Carter, Felicia Chagdes, Joseph Clapp, Alex Crane, Lindsay Crawford, Hannah Creech, Anna Davis, Peyton DeLucio, Erica Douthitt, Adam Duke, Chase Eversole, Kaylyn Flora, Michael Fox, Sarah Gambrall, Morgan Gard, Stephanie Gropp, Logan Harter, Jessica Holland, Stewart Homdrom, Mike Hunsinger, Aaron Huth, William Juday, Connor Kramer, Lindsay Kurz, Devyn Lakes, Kendra Lester, Tristan May, Carolyn Mitchell, Marshall Moberly, Brittney Murphy, Steven Norman, Cherika O’Brien, Magen Olson, Samantha Raatz, Matthew Railsback, Danielle Rastbichler, Jonathan Ratchford, Jenna Ripperger, Sergio Santiago, Matthew Schroeder, Leland Service, Kelli Shepherd, Carl Siders, Rebecca Smith, Megan Smith, Julie Stingley, Tara Stuckey, Bradlee Sturgeon, Katey Tolly, Micah Tootle, Matt Tucker, David Turner, Tasha Turner, Kurt Walker, Heatherlynn Whitby, Damian White, Zachary Williams, Jessica Worl, Ni Zhan and Chante’ Zimmers

Daniel Flesher and Derek Jessup

Rising Sun
Melissa Brush, Kristin Fehr and Barbara Kemp

Ericka Brown

Anthony Cheek, Ryan Edwards, Belinda Frazee, Brooke Kirchoff, Samantha Sasher and Morgan Williams

Dustin Steveson

James Overberg

South Bend
Victoria Burnett and Rebekah Haubold

Jacquelyn Janes

Hannah McDonald and Lyndsie Trumbo

Terre Haute
Chelsea Burke

Union City
Julia Frantz, Haley Mills and Macy Roberts

Courtney Crozier

Cynthia Brunner

Clint Swanson

April Fitterling

West College Corner
Ryan Bell and Justin Montavon

West Harrison
Zachary Marshall, Katelyn Moorehead and Shaina Veeneman

Elizabeth Shilts

Mallory Chalfant, Brandi Clark, Megan Culy, Morgan Huddleston, Shelby Irelan, Ashley Meinerding, Taylor Mock and Morgan Stanley

Lynsie Harper


John Hutchinson

Jessica Byrd

Aaron Robinson


Jeffrey Meek

Dana Miller


Paul Black


Logan Moody

Joseph Askins, Jessica Baker, Shelby Carmean, Lindsey Dirksen, Amanda Falknor, Samantha Fenstermaker, Daniel Printz and Dustin Ulrich

Stephanie Baer, Julie Colen, Kellee Couch, Anita Deaton, Matthew Kennedy, Clayton Moerlein and Danielle Strothman

Brandi Hayes, Alyssa Latou and Ethan Taulbee

Casey Bindewald, Jacob Bronson, Dakota Childers, Martha Eales, Jaye Hood, Elizabeth Huereca, Charity Huston, Jesse Keller, Ryan Landes, Christina Perkins, Kaitlyn Pugh, Sydney Schumacher, Samuel Stuart, Eva Thompson and Kaylee Via

Jordan Bevins, Katelyn Brown, Christina Cost, Michael Karns, Victoria Lehman, Makayla Miller, Kacey Ritz, Ashlynn Roth, Tessah Schinke, Carrie Swiger, Shannon Wiest, Douglas Wise and Kathryn Yohey

Megan Gray and Chelsea Scott

Lyndsay Benson

Cassandra Hall, Dessica Sykes and Matthew Werner

New Madison
Sara Bowman, Caitlin Davis, Kaylee Eadler, Leslie Engle and Alexa Foreman

New Paris
Makayla Abner, Gerrit Anderson, Chelsea Armentrout, Silas Cobb, Hayley Farabegoli, Ryan Maples, Maria Nakis, Melissa Rubright-Irvin, Seth Thomas, Shaye Thomas and Andrew Willcox

Gentry Glasscoe and Tyler Hofacker

Morgan Steinbrunner

Makinzi Marker

Alyssa Noes

Union City
Shelby Rehmert

Lauren Nieport

West Alexandria
Kyle Berger, Taylor Knox, Austin Schmidt and Bambi Sharrett

West Manchester
David Barger

West Milton
Jennifer Hammond and Justin Judd

Andrew Means


Shawn Johnson

Mount Pleasant
Stephanie Blue


Eduardo Gutierrez


Jeffrey Hershberger

IU East’s M.S.M. program has second cohort graduating and is accepting applications for the next

January 24th, 2014

The second cohort of Indiana University East’s Master of Science in Management program recently completed the course requirements. Graduates of this program will receive their diplomas during IU East’s 44th Commencement Ceremony on Friday, May 15. The M.S.M. program is a part of the School of Business and Economics.

The second cohort was composed of 19 graduate students who began coursework in August 2012 and met on weekends during the next 15 months to complete the program. In addition to undergraduate degrees in business, nine other undergraduate majors were represented within the cohort including Communication Arts and Sciences, Criminal Justice, Electrical Engineering, English and General Studies in the areas of behavioral and social sciences, leadership and supervision, graphic design, mathematics and political science. In all, there were 16 regional employers represented by students in the cohort.

Students were from the counties of Wayne, Ripley, Marion, Hamilton, Butler, Randolph, Fayette, Darke, LaPorte and Warren.

“We are so proud that there are now 37 M.S.M. graduates making contributions in a wide variety of organizations throughout the region. The value they add will be felt for many years to come,” said Fredricka Joyner, director of the Graduate Program and an associate professor of business administration and organization behavior.

The M.S.M. is designed for employed professionals seeking a graduate-level business degree. This graduate degree provides a highly interactive learning environment that includes analysis, communication, leadership, and innovative thinking. The learning outcomes are designed to help individuals sharpen their entrepreneurial and leadership skills to take their careers to the next level. This is accomplished through focused self-assessment, project-based learning and peer interaction.

M.S.M. December Graduates are:
Rhonda Burnett, Richmond, Indiana
Charlee Butler, Moores Hill, Indiana
Kelly Clark, Richmond, Indiana
Ricardo E. Studebaker, New Madison, Ohio
Rocco E. Vecera, Jr., Richmond, Indiana
Tom Wilk, Indianapolis, Indiana
Judi Willett, Richmond, Indiana
Jan Parker, Richmond, Indiana
Tara Lee Anne See, Richmond, Indiana
Margery Ann Stoller, Richmond, Indiana
Patricio M. Daneri, Indianapolis, Indiana
Nicole Fields, Winchester, Indiana
Rebeckah Lynne Hester, Richmond, Indiana
Corinne J. Jorgenson, Dayton, Ohio
Calista Krause Robinson, Richmond, Indiana
Angela Locke, Richmond, Indiana
Gena Maras El Raey, Fairfield, Ohio
Robert E. McClary, Indianapolis, Indiana
Valerie Miller, Indianapolis, Indiana

Currently, the M.S.M program is accepting applications for its fourth cohort to begin August 2014. Applications are due by June 1, 2014.

For more information about the Master of Science in Management, contact Darla Lane, graduate admissions coordinator for the School of Business and Economics, at (765) 973-8366 or go online to iue.edu/management.

IU East opens new parking lot to accommodate students, enrollment growth

January 17th, 2014

Indiana University East along with the Wayne County Area Chamber of Commerce celebrated the opening of a new parking lot, located behind Hayes Hall with a ribbon cutting ceremony today (January 17). As part of the ceremony, IU East gave away #RedWolfNation ice scrapers to all in attendance.HayesHallparking

The 70-spot parking lot has been under development since November 15, 2013.

IU East provided the additional parking following its 17th consecutive semester of enrollment growth. In fall 2013, a record-breaking 4,456 students were enrolled for classes at IU East. The university has experienced an unprecedented increase in the number of students enrolled since fall 2007, doubling enrollment.

With the enrollment and the number of faculty and staff attending campus each day, additional space was needed for parking.

IU East to celebrate opening of Room 912 in Downtown Richmond

January 16th, 2014

Indiana University East’s School of Humanities and Social Sciences is excited to announce the public opening of Room 912, located at 912 E. Main Street, in Richmond, Ind. on January 31, 2014.

The public is invited to join the celebration that begins with a ribbon cutting ceremony by the Wayne County Area Chamber of Commerce at 6 p.m. The 900 block of East Main Street will be closed to traffic and guests may enjoy the first exhibition on display in the Room 912 Art Gallery, “Regional Impact:  Faculty Work from the IU Regional Campuses,” tour the facility, listen to live music performed by IU East faculty and students, and visit our neighbor Ply Fiber Arts at 921 East Main Street, which will remain open and participate in the festivities.Room912Image

Visitors will also be able to watch the live carving of an ice-wolf sculpture outside of Room 912 at 6:30 p.m. that will help launch the Meltdown Ice Festival that will take place January 31 through February 1.

Room 912 is comprised of an art gallery, classroom, and studio space. IU East classes began in Room 912 on January 13, 2014 and the Richmond Art Museum will begin offering a few classes later this month.

“Room 912 was created in order to provide additional space for gallery exhibitions and our growing fine arts RAMprogram,” said Katherine Frank, dean of Humanities and Social Sciences at IU East. “We chose downtown Richmond due to its rich history, expanding business community, and future potential. As a regional institution with a mission focused on contributing to the cultural and economic development of the communities we serve, this was the perfect opportunity to position IU East as a true steward of place and to promote the partnerships so important to strengthening our community.”

One such partnership is with the Richmond Art Museum that has been in need of space for daytime art classes.

“The opportunity for RAM to offer daytime programming at Room 912 is significant in that it gives us the ability to do something we have not yet done,” said Lance Crowe, education director at RAM. “Currently classes at RAM are offered in the evenings. This new partnership with IU East offers a new flexibility to our art education programs that will allow a wider audience of individuals to experience the enrichment that comes from engaging creatively in artistic endeavor.”

Kaylyn Flora, of Richmond, Ind., is a Fine Arts major at IU East. She said the expansion of IU East’s Fine Arts department into downtown Richmond is as significant to students as it is for the community.

“The studio offers a space dedicated solely to the creation of artwork while teaching us the importance of working in a studio environment both now and after graduation. My peers and I will have the space we need to explore new mediums and techniques for art making. Sharing a space with other talented capstone students will foster a potent creative energy that will inspire each of us to create our best work yet,” Flora said. “Just as important, we are at the heart of the city, and therefore, at the heart of the community. In our downtime, we have the opportunity to explore local shops and meet local business owners. Thus, we are provided with a sense of local history that will influence and will be translated in our artwork. In doing so, we can take part in the culture that has become integral to Richmond, Ind.”

RAM classes begin on January 23 with an Adult Art Education class taught by Tom Butters. People may read more about this class as well of Taste of the Arts Tuesdays and Mommy or Daddy and Me: Child and Parent Art Classes at richmondartmuseum.org/education/#Room912 or by calling RAM at (765) 966-0256.

“We urge businesses and organizations to think about interesting possibilities for collaboration involving Room 912 and to consider the many ways that art can inform, enhance, and guide our personal and professional endeavors,” Frank said.  “We welcome new ideas and new partnerships and look forward to the ways that we can all work together in the downtown area and throughout our community to feature and leverage the positive points of potential throughout Richmond and Wayne County.”

IU East to welcome Barbara Cross as Martin Luther King Jr. Day Speaker

January 9th, 2014

Indiana University East will welcome Barbara Cross, survivor of the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church bombing in Birmingham, Ala., 1963, as this year’s Martin Luther King Jr. speaker. Cross will speak at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, January 21, in the Whitewater Hall Community Room. BarbaraCross

The event is free and open to the public.

Cross is the daughter of the late Rev. John Cross,  the pastor of the church when the bombing occurred, killing four girls. Cross and her father were in the Spike Lee documentary 4 Little Girls, which was nominated for an Oscar. The film will debut on campus at noon on Tuesday, January 21, in the Graf Center and at 5:30 p.m. in the Community Room.

A graduate of Tuskegee University, Cross is now retired from Bell South Services following over 30 years in customer and network services. She is the featured speaker for the Dr. Martin Luther King Celebration Community Breakfast at the Townsend Community Center in Richmond.  The community breakfast is at 7 a.m. on Monday, January 20.

IU East celebrates a year in review

December 23rd, 2013

For Indiana University East the past year has brought many celebrations and accomplishments including the installation of the campus’ sixth chancellor, continued record-breaking enrollment and many events connecting the campus to the community. Here’s a look in review at the most memorable moments from 2013 for IU East.Enrollmentreview

This fall, IU East celebrated its 17th consecutive term of enrollment growth with a record-breaking 4,456 students enrolled for courses, representing a 6.5 percent increase compared to fall 2012. Since fall 2007, the campus has 96.6 percent more students attending classes on campus and online.

With the continuous enrollment growth, IU East needs more space for classrooms, offices and events. In August 2013, the campus launched its community-wide “Save My Seat” program to raise the remaining funds for the Student Events Center. With all the funding now in place, the project was approved by the Board of Trustees at its October meeting and campus officials hope to break ground on the project in fall 2014.StudentEventsCenter

The campus launched its public campaign, “Bold Aspirations: The Campaign for the Student Events Center,” in October 2012 to raise the remaining money needed for the project.  The facility will promote student success through a comprehensive offering of co-curricular opportunities and be the home of Red Wolves athletics, host a variety of events and programs throughout the year, academic offerings, recreation, student life, and cultural programs.

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences opened a new gallery space in downtown Richmond to house an art gallery, individual studios for faculty and students, and a classroom. IU East announced the creation of the gallery, Room 912, in the fall and will provide an opportunity for the university and community to continue to develop partnerships and to launch community-based initiatives that focus on the arts.DocHendley

Community partnership and involvement is a primary focus at IU East. One example is the “One Book, Many Voices” project to foster a campus and community discussion about themes in and ideas inspired by a common text in an effort to develop camaraderie, inform knowledge, and inspire action towards positive civic engagement and improvement. This year’s project focused on the book Wine to Water by Doc Hendley, who visited Richmond in November to speak with the community on global water issues and positive action to make a difference.

IU East partnered with the Positive Place Initiative brought over 250 people together from the community for BOOST (Building On Our Strengths Together) in January to create and BOOST the community conversation about taking action and creating a more vibrant community. The Positive Place Initiative is one of several projects that have grown out of the Richmond Mayor’s Council on Economic Vitality. The group is composed of business, community, and political leaders to identify the area’s best opportunities for economic advancement and find solutions to problems that stand in our way.

In February 2013, IU East and Indiana University announced the selection of the campus’ sixth chancellor, Kathryn Cruz-Uribe. Chancellor Cruz-Uribe started her duties July 1, 2013. Previously she was the provost and executive vice president for academic affairs at California State University, Monterey Bay. She and her husband, Gene, who is a professor of History at IU East, live in Richmond.KathrynCruz-Uribe

Chancellor Cruz-Uribe began her first days on campus meeting with students, faculty, staff and those in the community to develop a shared vision for the university with the goal to keep the enrollment trajectory moving forward as well as focus on student success and to develop a plan that will keep IU East ahead of the changes coming in higher education.

Also in February, IU East announced the addition of its 11th National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) varsity program. The women’s basketball program officially begins with the 2014-15 school year but recruitment by head coach Tiffani Selhorst has been ongoing through the summer and fall. In November, the Red Wolves announced the first 11 signees to the program. The team includes two current IU East students and nine high school seniors with another commitment expected in December.

At the start of March, IU East announced its second spring concert. The university and the Student Activity Advisory Team presented the Neon Trees in concert April 11 at the Richmond High School Tiernan Center. The nationally-known band has found success with hit singles “Animal” and “Everybody Talks.”NeonTreesConcert

IU East was named to the 2013 President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll in March 2013. The honor roll, by the Corporation for National and Community Service, designates the highest honor a college or university can receive for its commitment to volunteering, service-learning, and civic engagement. IU East’s programs with the Boys and Girls Club of Wayne County, Girls Inc. of Wayne County, and Conversations with Seniors as part of the “One Book, Many Voices” project and in collaboration with the Area 9 Agency were recognized through the award. There were 775 IU East students who engaged in academic service-learning or community service programs in 2012.

In May, the first IU East Academy for Cultivating Talent completed its first program “Carry It Forward: Creating Networks and Pipelines for Women Leaders.” The program focused on creating pipelines for women to leadership positions in business and civic engagement and working with professional women in mid-level or senior-level positions who are poised to make a difference in their organization and community. The program was established with a grant by the Indiana University Women’s Philanthropy Council. The academy is a part of the Center for Leadership Development under the School of Business and Economics.

The 42nd Commencement Ceremony brought a record-breaking number of diplomas awarded at IU East. The awarding of the degrees was a significant increase for IU East and marked the most awarded in the school’s history.  The Class of 2013 received 560 bachelor’s and master’s degrees. The highest number of Honors Program graduates were also awarded degrees. During commencement, the first graduating cohort in the Master of Science in Management program received their diplomas.CommencementCeremony

The online degree completion programs at IU East are attracting students across the region, state, nation and internationally. The online program offers students the opportunity to earn a high-quality Indiana University degree at the convenience of the student’s work and family schedule.

An exciting partnership between IU East and the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA) was announced in August during the Western & Southern Open tournament held at the Lindner Family Tennis Center in Ohio. IU East and the WTA agreed that the university is the primary provider for baccalaureate online degree completion programs for WTA players. IU East is a leader in the delivery of high-quality online programs, offering 10 options for students who wish to complete their bachelor’s degree online.

In September, IU East was named as a Military Friendly School by Victory Media Inc., the premier media entity for military personnel transitioning into civilian life. The 2014 Military Friendly Schools® list honors the top 20 percent of colleges, universities and trade schools that are doing the most to embrace America’s military service members, veterans, and spouses as students and ensure their success on campus. IU East also helps its veteran students through the Student Veteran’s Organization which assists student service members in all areas of potential difficulty, particularly those related to academic success, the transition into civilian life and continuing military obligations.

IU East’s Homecoming 2013 in October brought together the campus and community during several events. Traditional events were held on campus as well as new events held in Richmond’s Historic Depot District including IU East’s first parade and a Block Party following the Installation Ceremony of Chancellor Cruz-Uribe. The Installation Ceremony was held at the Pennsylvania Railroad Depot. The theme of the ceremony, “A Steward of Place,” symbolized the university’s deep commitment to the community and region it serves. The event marked the first time in the nearly 200-year history of Indiana University that the inauguration of a president or installation of a chancellor has not been held on a campus.Homecoming2013

IU East was named a Five Star NAIA Champions of Character institution for the sixth consecutive year. IU East has been named a Champions of Character institution every year since joining the NAIA.

The celebration continued in November as the Red Wolves had student-athletes competing in two national tournaments. The volleyball team played in its fifth consecutive National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) Championship Opening Round. The Red Wolves lost to Grand View University in Des Moines, Iowa, in the opening round held November 23.

Two men’s cross country team members advanced to compete in the NAIA Cross Country National Championships Nov. 23. Seth Prince and Collin Burris traveled to the national tournament held at Rim Rock Farm in Lawrence, Kan. Prince matched the fourth-fastest time in school history.

IU East to add Master of Arts in English

December 19th, 2013

Indiana University East has received approval for a new graduate degree program, a Master of Arts in English, from the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Applications for the program are now being accepted through April 15, 2014, for admission to the fall 2014 semester.

The M.A. in English is IU East’s fifth graduate program to be added to its academic portfolio since June 2007. IU East’s graduate programs include the Master of Science in Education, Master of Science in Management, Master of Social Work and the Master of Science in Nursing.

The graduate program will provide students with a background suitable for a wide range of careers in areas such as professional writing, editing, administration, technology, and management. Graduates interested in post-secondary teaching options will be qualified to teach full- or part-time in community colleges and in four-year colleges and universities and to teach dual-credit courses in high schools.

“In the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, we strive to transform the lives of our students and improve the world they inhabit. Consequently, we are thrilled to see this program, designed to do both, approved and ready to launch fall semester 2014,” said Katherine Frank, dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Providing opportunities for advancing graduate-level work in English is crucial to the IU East mission, expands career options for graduates, and contributes to economic development throughout the eastern Indiana and western Ohio region. Programs like the M.A. in English at IU East offer a broad range of course offerings in literature and writing and prepare students for many career options and advancement opportunities by emphasizing how the study of English applies to real world contexts, situations, and issues.

“After a complete needs assessment and interest survey were conducted by the school several years ago, it was determined that an M.A. in English was the degree most appropriate to respond to community and alumni feedback regarding employability and academic interest. We are delighted to be able to respond to this feedback with a quality academic program to be delivered by a strong department that includes active scholars and award-winning writers,” Frank said.

Margaret Thomas Evans is the chairperson for the English Department. She said the department is excited to offer an M.A. in English starting in fall 2014 and to provide students in the region with a new graduate opportunity.  She added students will be able to take literature, composition studies, and creative writing courses at the graduate level at IU East.

“We are confident that this will serve both former students and others in the area with a desire to earn an M.A. We look forward to those students coming to campus and studying with us,” Thomas Evans said. “This is a prime opportunity for faculty, staff, students, and community members to partner together as the School of Humanities and Social Sciences takes this important step into the arena of graduate studies.”

Students completing the M.A. in English will earn a minimum of 36 credit hours. The curriculum is developed to be completed in two years if graduate students attend full-time.

For more information about the M.A. in English and application process, contact Margaret Thomas Evans, English Department chairperson, at (765) 973-8614 or email margevan@iue.edu .

Indiana University trustees to meet Dec. 5 and 6 at IU East

December 3rd, 2013

The Indiana University Board of Trustees will meet Thursday and Friday, Dec. 5 and 6, in Whitewater Hall on the campus of Indiana University East in Richmond.IUSeal

A schedule and agenda for the meeting are available online.

The Board of Trustees is Indiana University’s governing board, its legal owner and final authority. The board holds the university’s financial, physical and human assets and operations in trust for future generations. Its membership, terms of office, responsibilities, powers and electoral procedures are governed by the Indiana Code.